Bacardi Rum

What You Need To Know About Bacardi

Bacardi Rum is a lot more complicated than you might think. There’s honored craftsmanship and political history in every bottle.
  • Produced By Bacardi Limited
  • Produced In: United States
  • Type: Rum
  • Sales: 17.4 million 9-liter cases
Bacardi has used the same proprietary strain of yeast to create their rum for over 150 years.
The distillate is filtered through a secret mix of charcoals made from tropical woods and coconut shells for purification, and the rested in charred white oak barrels to mellow its flavor.
Although the Bacardi Company is now in Puerto Rico, they started out in Cuba. During Prohibition, the Bacardi family would invite Americans to Cuba for huge parties that would last all weekend long.
When the first commercial distillery was established in 1862, the family found fruit bats in the rafters. It’s a sign of good luck that still sits on their label today.
Credit: . Published: 2017-01-06