Whether it’s the convenience of a can, its low calorie count, or the fact that it’s marketed as a more premium ready-to-drink (RTD) beverage, the hard seltzer category continues to go gangbusters this summer. In just two years between 2018 and 2020, hard seltzer jumped from $500 million worth of sales to $4 billion. And in 2021, it’s expected that consumers in the U.S. will purchase 281 million 9-liter cases of the light and fruity beverage.

In what’s becoming a crowded market, it’s crucial to stand out on the shelf and online. High Noon seltzer separates itself by appealing to the better-for-you crowd, including distilled liquor and real juice in its transparent ingredient list. That strategy — plus a high-profile partnership — may just be the High Noon drink’s secret to success.

Read on for 10 more things you should know about High Noon.

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  1. Unlike most competitors, it uses vodka for its base

    Where most hard seltzers’ alcohol content comes from brewed malt, fermented cane sugar, or vaguely described distilled spirits, High Noon ingredients are a little different. The hard seltzer uses real vodka that’s been distilled five times for the ultimate smooth texture.

  2. Who makes High Noon?

    High Noon is made by a wine and spirits industry giant — E. & J. Gallo Winery launched High Noon in May 2019. The winery is one of the world’s largest family-owned wineries and overseas operations of consumer favorites like J Vineyards & Winery, Louis M. Martini and Whitehaven. High Noon joins the spirits side of the business alongside brands such as New Amsterdam Vodka and Gin, Familia Camarena Tequila, and Whyte & Mackay Scotch whisky.

  3. It has a sporty side

    Part of High Noon’s success comes from its partnership with Barstool Sports. Outside of a regular media buy, the hard seltzer company joined forces with the media empire for brand exposure delivered to Barstool’s 66 million monthly unique viewers. Most recently, High Noon presented The Dozen: Trivia Tournament Championships, the company’s trivia tournament.

  4. But who owns High Noon?

    So, does Barstool own High Noon? Despite the role Barstool Sports played in marketing and promoting High Noon, the hard seltzer brand is owned by E. &J. Gallo Winery. So, contrary to rumors, neither Dave Portnoy nor Barstool Sports own High Noon.

  5. The real (fruity) deal

    To complement its real vodka base, High Noon uses real fruit for each of its flavors. Though it sometimes uses a mix of juices to ensure the right balance, all of its ingredients come from fruit, not added sugar.

  6. Are High Noons healthy though?

    It’s important to understand that no alcohol can be considered “healthy.” Alcohol has a proven link to some cancers and has negative impacts on liver functioning. That said, using real distilled spirits and real juice, High Noon is a better alternative to some of the artificially flavored, sugar-heavy seltzers that line liquor store shelves.

  7. Demand prompted new flavors

    Since launching, the High Noon portfolio of core flavors has increased from four to eight. The initial four were black cherry, pineapple, watermelon, and grapefruit — the latter of which scored fifth overall in VinePair’s ranking of 30 Best Hard Seltzers of 2021. Lime, peach, passion fruit, and mango joined the party along the way.

  8. Distribution spread quickly across the states

    In May 2019, High Noon began its journey in the hard seltzer category with distribution in 32 states. Two years later, despite challenges brought on by Covid-19 — including a shortage of cans — High Noon now proudly boasts distribution in all 50 states.

  9. Fans can don High Noon apparel

    If you’re one for palm trees on your swim trunks and rock a Hawaiian shirt like no other, then a collaboration between High Noon and Tropical Bros — a clothing company that specializes in summer shirts, hats, and swimwear — was born just for you. Crack open a can and bask in the envious looks from onlookers, especially if you add the free sunglass straps that come with every order to the ensemble.

  10. Upgrade virtual happy hour with High Noon digital backgrounds

    Nobody wants to look at your bookshelf anymore, and High Noon knows this. Whether it’s a virtual happy hour, a Q2 ROI sales meeting, or an online job interview in which you want to stand out from the crowd, set yourself up with one of six free digital backgrounds.