The Boozy Black Friday Survival Guide - 7 Drink Pairings - Infographic

The Boozy Black Friday Survival Guide [INFOGRAPHIC]

The average man or woman who decides to brave the wilds of America’s malls and big-box parking lots on Black Friday will find themselves as close as they’ll ever come to a Medieval battlefield. Like their ancestors they would be wise to fortify themselves with drink (or they could just stay at home with their families). With those shopping mall horrors in […]

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Answers To Would You Rather For Wine Lovers

The Results Of “Would You Rather” For Wine Lovers [INFOGRAPHIC]

We asked VinePair readers to answer twenty “tough questions for wine lovers” in early November. These are the results of the first 100,000 answers to those questions! Some of the answers to the questions are…surprising. Let’s just say that your collective dedication to wine is impressive. Want to take the quiz yourself? Submit your own answers now.

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How To Make Sparkling Wine Infographic

How To Make Sparkling Wines Like Champagne [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you’ve ever wondered where sparkling wines get there bubbles from you’re in luck. Our infographic beautifully illustrates the steps that winemakers take to turn regular wine (base wine is the technical term) into the bubbly variety. The vast majority of sparkling wine* is made using one of these three different methods, all of which are […]

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The Five First Growths Of Bordeaux

The Five Famous First Growths Of Bordeaux Compared [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Exposition Universelle of 1855, held in Paris, attracted millions of visitors, who passed through grand halls where the latest works of industry and culture were on display. In the 19th century, France was recognized as the world’s finest producer of wine — so there was no question that wines would be offered for sampling.

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