Champagne Vs. Cava Vs. Prosecco

The Differences Between Champagne, Prosecco & Cava [INFOGRAPHIC]

For a long time Champagne was the only ”good” sparkling wine that most Americans drank. Those days are long gone; today there’s a good chance you’ll see good Italian Proseccos and Spanish Cavas on wine lists and at your local wine shop. But what are the differences between these three popular sparklers? The chart below reveals the […]

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Pairing Wine With America's Favorite BBQ Styles

MAP: Wine Pairings For America’s Favorite Styles Of Barbecue

American Barbecue is currently experiencing a renaissance. It’s one of America’s true indigenous cuisines, and just like America, there is a cornucopia of varying flavors and styles. Everyone has a favorite, but thanks to the popularity of ‘Que, these varying flavors have expanded well beyond the regions that have made them famous and you can […]

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7 Maps and Charts That Reveal The Staggering Rise Of Rosé In America

7 Maps & Charts That Explain The Incredible Rise Of Rosé In America

Last spring the phrase ”Yes Way Rosé” (#yeswayrosé) seemingly exploded out of nowhere. By the end of the summer, the New York Post’s Page Six was hyperventilating over an imminent shortage of rosé in the Hamptons. Had an insatiable demand for rosé suddenly exploded out of nowhere, leading to a run on the pink booze bank? Yes and no. What […]

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10 Shades Of Rose Wine

10 Shades Of Rosé

America loves rosé. Exports of the pretty pink wine from Provence to the U.S. spiked 29% in volume from October 2013 to October 2014 – and that’s just one small slice of the rosé pie. These days, it seems every winery is vying to make their own popular rosé. Rosé is often known as “pink […]

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