The Five First Growths Of Bordeaux

The Five Famous First Growths Of Bordeaux Compared [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Exposition Universelle of 1855, held in Paris, attracted millions of visitors, who passed through grand halls where the latest works of industry and culture were on display. In the 19th century, France was recognized as the world’s finest producer of wine — so there was no question that wines would be offered for sampling.

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Football Game Day Wine Pairings Infographic

Football Game Day Wine Pairings Chart [INFOGRAPHIC]

Fall is in full swing, which means weekends filled with football and plates piled high with sports staples like wings and nachos. If you’re tailgating at the game, burgers, ribs and sausages might be sizzling on your grill. While we love to occasionally spend the afternoon sipping on seasonable beers, we think that wine is a great […]

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What Grapes Are In That French Wine INFOGRAPHIC

What Grapes Are Used To Make That Old World Wine: France [INFOGRAPHIC]

One of the hardest things about discovering Old World wines that you might enjoy is that the labels are so confusing. If you’re used to seeing the grape(s) on the label, often prominently, you might wonder what’s going on. Most wines from Old World wine countries prominently identify where the grapes were grown (and who produced […]

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The Wine Grape World Transit Map

The World Wine Grape Transit Map

As humans traveled across the world, so did wine, but some grapes are more prolific than others around the globe. Merlot seems to be everywhere, as do other grapes such as Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon, so which grapes can be found in the most different places? Inspired by the Transit Maps Tumblr, we created the global transit […]

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