In just a couple days, the world will be bathed in various hues of green in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. Beer may be the standard drink of choice, but inspired partygoers can get creative by indulging in green concoctions that involve a range of spirits and flavors.

For the uninitiated, March 17 commemorates the anniversary of the death of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. The traditional Roman Catholic holiday gained greater popularity in the United States in the 1770s, when homesick Irish soldiers in the English military took to the streets in New York City to celebrate St. Patrick. The parade would eventually become a site of shared cultural heritage and Irish patriotism in New York, now garnering over 150,000 marchers and 2 million spectators.

Whether you’re celebrating indoors or out on the streets, here are nine St. Patrick’s Day-inspired cocktail creations to step up the festivities this spring.

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this grasshopper cocktail is minty and creamy

This sweet and minty grasshopper cocktail — evocative of mint chocolate chip ice cream in color and taste — gets its festive tint from crème de menthe.

The Dead Rabbit’s Real Irish Coffee

this cocktail is topped with nutmeg and fresh whipped cream

The Irish inspiration for this concoction lies in its whiskey base. Topped with nutmeg and fresh whipped cream, this cocktail from New York’s Dead Rabbit (which was named the best bar in the world in 2016) is sweet, creamy, and aromatic.

The Irish Lady

Irish Whiskey replaces gin in this twist on the white lady

The Irish Lady is a twist on the White Lady, a cocktail invented in the 1900s by Harry McElhone while he was working at London’s Ciro Club. Irish whiskey replaces gin in this version, and lemon juice, triple sec, simple syrup, and egg white lead to a perfect balance of citrusy and sweet in each sip.

The Apple Martini

the apple martini is bright green and festive for the holiday

A mainstay cocktail of the 1990s makes its return in classic bright green fashion. Vodka is the spirit of choice here, stirred with apple and orange liqueur plus an apple slice garnish to keep things extra colorful.

The Midori Sour

the midori sour is an eye catching shade of green, due to the melon liqueur in it

Melon-flavored liqueur Midori is notorious for its eye-catching shade of green. Sours always pack a punch, and this Midori variety is a St. Patrick’s Day-friendly addition to the lineup.

The Gojira

Equal parts Mizu Green Tea Shochu and Roku Gin make up the spirit base for this shaken cocktail

Minty and refreshing — and, most importantly, green — this cocktail is a spa day in a glass. Equal parts Mizu Green Tea Shochu and Roku Gin make up the spirit base for this shaken cocktail with torn mint leaves, lime juice, ginger-infused simple syrup, and a cucumber slice garnish.

The Irish Mule

the irish mule is based on the classic moscow mule, swapping irish whiskey for vodka

Irish in name and in spirit, this mule takes the classic Moscow Mule as its reference point. Unsurprisingly, whiskey stands in for vodka in this cocktail, and a mint leaf garnish adds a cool spin on the traditional mule.

The Gin and Juice 2.0

the gin and juice 2.0 is a spiked variant of the classic green juice

Have your juice cleanse and spike it, too. The classic green juice gets a party-ready upgrade thanks to gin and agave syrup.

The Mudslide

the mudslide contains classic Bailey’s Irish Cream

Rich, sweet, creamy, and boozy, the Mudslide contains classic Baileys Irish Cream, complemented by Kahlua liqueur. This dessert drink is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.