Hailing from Spain, Sangria is now popular worldwide. Often meant to serve a crowd, the wine-based cocktail is typically served in pitchers and loaded with lots of fresh fruit.

While red wine is the traditional base for the beverage, riffs can be made with white wine, rosé, and even sparkling wine. This means that there is a Sangria for every occasion, season, and palate.

Looking for a paella pairing or an exciting drink to serve at your next soirée? Read on for seven of the best Sangria recipes to mix up this summer and beyond.

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Bubbly Celebratory Sangria Recipe

Bubbly Celebratory Sangria is one of the best Sangria recipes for 2021
Bubbly Celebratory Sangria

The fizzy effervescence of sparkling wine makes every occasion feel like a party — and adding it to Sangria is no exception. For a bright, bubbly recipe sure to please any spritz lover, combine sparkling wine, peaches, cantaloupe, and honey in a pitcher, and pour at your next outdoor gathering.

Sangria in a Flash Recipe

Sangria in a Flash is one of the best Sangria recipes for 2021
Sangria in a Flash

Ideal for lazy days (or for those without dishwashers), this mess-free, easy-to-make recipe calls for just three ingredients: red wine, blood orange soda, and fresh raspberries. With no chopping necessary, this large-format drink can be built in just seconds.

Hennessy Sangria Recipe

Hennessy Sangria is one of the best Sangria recipes for 2021
Hennessy Sangria

Give the Spanish sipper a French makeover with the addition of Cognac. In a pitcher, muddle together orange and lime slices. Then, add apples, red wine, and sparkling water, and top it off with some Hennessy for a bold flavor and a certain je ne sais quoi.

Delightful Rosé Sangria Recipe

Delightful Rosé Sangria is one of the best Sangria recipes for 2021
Delightful Rosé Sangria

There’s no doubt that rosé is a summer staple. If you happen to have an extra bottle of pink wine lying around, this recipe is for you. To make a beverage fit for a crowd, simply stir together rosé, orange juice, peaches, cantaloupe, and orange slices in a pitcher. The result is ideal for serving at beach picnics.

Refreshing White Sangria Recipe

Refreshing White Sangria is one of the best Sangria recipes for 2021
Refreshing White Sangria

Not all white Sangria is cloyingly sweet. This recipe, which calls for Sauvignon Blanc, cucumber, lemon, and lemon-lime soda, is endlessly refreshing and won’t result in the dreaded morning-after headache.

The Autumn Sangria Recipe

The Autumn Sangria is one of the best Sangria recipes for 2021
The Autumn Sangria

Think Sangria is reserved for summer sipping? Think again. This holiday-inspired Sangria is ideal for chilly fall days. With a combination of apple, cinnamon, pomegranate, and white wine, this batchable recipe is best sipped while leaf-peeping.

The Traditionalist Sangria Recipe

The Traditionalist Sangria is one of the best Sangria recipes for 2021
The Traditionalist Sangria

This is the ideal recipe for beginners looking to recreate a classic. To make this cocktail, add dry red wine, orange soda, and chunked apples, oranges, and pineapple to a pitcher, and let sit for at least 15 minutes. Serve with your favorite tapas, and buen provecho!