The days are heating up, and many of us are spending a lot of time in our (hopefully air-conditioned) homes. As we watch summer come and go without the promise of rooftop bar gatherings and beach bonfires, there’s one thing that’s for sure: Most of us could use a drink.

Don’t fret if you’re “over” Aperol spritzes and frosé. If you’re feeling berry thirsty, take a look at our most popular strawberry cocktail recipes that will be your new go-tos for summer sipping.

Strawberry Nectarine Lemonade Recipe

This cocktail will put your neighborhood lemonade stand to shame. The perfect cocktail to serve at your next outdoor gathering, this vodka-based sipper combines sweet nectarines and strawberries with tart lemonade and cranberry juice. The result is a delectable, fruity concoction that you’ll want to sip all summer.

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The Spicy Strawberry Margarita Recipe

Shake up sweet and spicy flavors into one balanced, Mexican-inspired sipper. Mix tequila, lime juice, serrano pepper, strawberries (of course), and agave in a swirl of delightful flavor. If you want to get extra fancy, sub salt for tajin on the rim of your glass for an extra burst of spice.

The Gin-Strawberry Smash Recipe

Looking for an easy-to-make recipe? Look no further than this simple combination of gin, lemon juice, strawberry syrup, and bitters with bright, sessionable flavors.

The Pink Strawberry Mojito Recipe

This minty-fresh riff on the Mojito looks and tastes like a cup of summer. Mix white rum, mint, grenadine, strawberries, lime juice, and soda for a drink you’ll want to make over and over again. The grenadine and strawberries in this cocktail create a rosy hue ideal for sunset sips.

The Strawberry-Rhubarb Mezcal Margarita Recipe

This Margarita is anything but boring. The use of mezcal brings in a rich, smoky flavor, while homemade strawberry-rhubarb syrup adds a refreshing hit of sweetness to this drink. Add a splash of Aperol for a hint of bitterness and a deeper color.

Strawberry Sparkler Recipe

Bring boozy brunch to you with this pink, bubbly sipper. Combine pisco with sparkling rosé and strawberry simple syrup for a cocktail ready for entertaining (or drinking solo). Garnish with a strawberry for a playfully sweet presentation.

The Strawberry and Maple Brown Derby Recipe

This fruity take on the Brown Derby is the ideal summer drink for whiskey lovers. Substitute maple syrup for honey, and add strawberries for some fresh, fruity flavor. Feel free to play around with this one and substitute strawberries for any fruit you have available.

The Bitter Strawberry Spritz Recipe

Upgrade your spritz! This summery riff is made with gin, strawberry simple syrup, lemon juice, soda water, and bitters. And it’s low-proof, meaning you can sip all day long.

Strawberry Mezcal Flip Recipe

This cocktail is a strawberry milkshake for grownups. Whipped egg gives this drink its smooth, creamy texture, while mezcal and amaro bring in a smoky, flavorful kick. The froth on top of this drink will make you want to grab a spoon and savor every last drop.

The Strawberry Daydream Recipe

From its taste to its bright poppy color, this drink is the ultimate summer concoction. The use of berries and two types of citrus gives this drink a sweet and sour taste, resulting in a tempting balance of flavor. Combine fresh strawberry syrup with gin, lemon juice, and grapefruit juice for a drink perfect for beach chair lounging.

The Sparkling Strawberry Lemonade Recipe

With its fresh, fruity ingredients, this drink is a farmers’ market in a glass. Combine fresh strawberries and natural lemonade with vodka and Cava for a light, natural flavor. The result is a drink ideal for serving to guests at any outdoor event.

The Strawberry Gin Sour Recipe

We love any recipe that involves a blowtorch. Combine gin, Dry Orange Curacao, and lemon juice, and add sweet strawberries to soften the tartness. Egg white gives this drink its silky texture. Optional: Torch the dry Curacao on top to give the drink some extra flare.