Cava 101

Last Updated: May 13, 2024

Cava is often referred to as the Champagne of France. It has that same lovely bubbly as its French counterpart that puts it into the sparkling wine category, but has a price point that’s much more affordable. Most bottomless boozy brunches you go to serve Cava in their Mimosas for that reason.

Most Cavas originate from the Penedès region in Spain and are made using the “Traditional Method,” also known as the “Champagne Method.” By the name, you can probably tell that Champagne is made with that method.. In fact, before it was called Cava, the sparkling wine was referred to as Spanish Champagne until 1970, when the French wanted their name back. Now, it’s called the Spanish word for cellars, after the place where the wine is made. Check out VinePair’s full Cava guide to find out everything to need to know about the Spanish sparkling wine.

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