When it comes to cocktails, the autumn months often bring to mind the same few tipples: Hot Toddies, eggnog, and all things whiskey. But there’s no reason the chilly weather needs to turn our bar carts into one-trick ponies.

At VinePair, we believe there’s no reason to wait until New Year’s to pop our finest bottles of bubbly. This fall, excite your palate with the bright effervescence of sparkling wine in your cocktails.

From sparkling riffs on classic drinks to ones inspired by holiday flavors, read on for eight of the best bubbly cocktails to drink this fall.

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The Negroni Sbagliato Recipe

The Negroni Sbagliato is a great sparkling wine cocktail for autumn.

For a lighter take on the Negroni, sub out the recipe’s standard gin for sparkling wine. With the bitter, herbal notes of Campari and sweet vermouth and celebratory bubbles, this fizzy riff is ideal for holiday sipping.

The First Flight

The First Flight is a great sparkling wine cocktail for autumn.

Created by Daniel Yang, lead bartender at Las Vegas’s Electra Cocktail Club, the First Flight is an inventive take on the classic French 75. Made with bourbon, lemon, orgeat, Angostura bitters, and Champagne, the resulting riff adds some complexity and spice to the classic cocktail.

The Second Summer Recipe

The Second Summer is a great sparkling wine cocktail for autumn.

With bright bubbles and hearth-y undertones, this cocktail proves sparkling cocktails can be sipped any season. This recipe combines cranberry juice, gin, orange liqueur, Prosecco, cloves, and rosemary. For a festive presentation, top with a rosemary sprig, a sprinkle of cloves, and juniper berries.

The Winter Mist Recipe

The Winter Mist is a great sparkling wine cocktail for autumn.

Developed by Chase Bracamontes, beverage director at Chicago’s Chef’s Special Cocktail Bar, this cocktail takes the summery spritz into the cold-weather days. With ingredients like, byrrh (a wine apéritif), Amaro Sfumato, crème de cassis, and saffron orange bitters, the drink adds a rustic appeal and smoky, herbal notes to the bright bubbles of Cava and tonic water.

The Dark Cherry Mimosa Recipe

The Dark Cherry Mimosa is a great sparkling wine cocktail for autumn.

For cold-weather brunching, look no further than the Dark Cherry Mimosa. With the low-ABV appeal of its classic counterpart, the cocktail incorporates tangy grapefruit juice with rich Maraschino cherry syrup for a seasonal take on the cocktail.

The Winter Citrus Spritz

The Winter Citrus Spritz is a great sparkling wine cocktail for autumn.

When the air is crisp, the spritz may not be the first cocktail that comes to mind when cozying up. But this take — made with gin, tangelo juice, honey syrup, Meyer lemon juice, and Prosecco — is sure to brighten up even the grayest of days.

Sparkling Pisco Cobbler Recipe

Sparkling Pisco Cobbler is a great sparkling wine cocktail for autumn.

Made for celebratory toasting, this cocktail is a nuanced winter staple. It’s made with pisco, triple sec, lemon juice, Champagne, and both orange and aromatic bitters. The result is a superb balance of sweet and sour flavors, along with the effervescence we seek in festive tipples.

The Wintry Night Recipe

The Wintry Night is a great sparkling wine cocktail for autumn.

Proving that rosé isn’t just for summer, this drink — inspired by holiday flavors — features pink Champagne, sweet vermouth, cinnamon simple syrup, and blood orange bitters. Top it off with an aromatic twist of lemon for added aroma and aesthetic appeal.