Vermouth isn’t just for Martinis. The fortified wine is as versatile as it is complex, making it a perfect addition to myriad cocktails from Negronis to Daiquiris.

As a low-ABV option, vermouth is even delicious on its own — or with a splash of sparkling water.

As sweet, dry, rosso, and bianco vermouths all contain varying flavor profiles, the options for vermouth cocktails are endless. Looking for some inspiration for how to drink the oft-misunderstood ingredient? Check out eight of our favorite vermouth-based recipes below.

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The Campo Viejo Recipe

Spicy, citrusy, and aromatic, this cocktail is a delicious blend of Latin and Korean flavors. Tequila, Dolin blanc vermouth, lime juice, tamarind juice, and Cynar make for a balanced cocktail worthy of making for guests. And if you’re feeling fancy and aren’t worried about setting off your fire alarm, try adding smoke to the drink by burning a threaded Korean pepper beneath your glass.

The Duchess Martini Recipe

This Nordic-inspired take on the Martini combines Brennivin Aquavit, bianco vermouth, and sherry for a unique flavor profile. Notes of caraway, a touch of salinity, and an orange twist garnish make this drink anything but traditional. In the words of this drink’s creator, the Duchess is “perfect as is.”

The Mexican Summer Negroni Recipe

Though your summer vacation plans may be foiled, this drink will transport you to paradise. This Negroni riff shows off the versatility of vermouth, combining the fortified wine with non-traditional flavors. Combine earthy tequila and strawberry-infused Campari with sweet vermouth for a seasonal kick.

The Rough Waters Recipe

If you wear contacts, there’s a good chance you’re already stocked up on this cocktail’s secret ingredient. While it may sound strange, saline solution adds complexity to this drink, which is a mixture of Cognac, sweet vermouth, and aromatic bitters. With its unique, bright flavors, this sipper will have you hooked after just one taste.

The Blackthorn Returns Recipe

Transport to a speakeasy with this take on a whiskey-based Blackthorn cocktail. While the original recipe calls for dry vermouth and Angostura bitters, this variation makes use of blanc vermouth, orange bitters, and a hint of absinthe. Garnish with a lemon twist and rejoice.

The Vine-Groni Recipe

Cucumber-infused gin gives this concoction its refreshing taste. Use rice wine vinegar, salt solution, and Cinzano Bianco Vermouth to round out this cocktail’s briny flavor. Olives and a pickled cucumber ribbon make for beautiful (not to mention tasty) garnishes.

La Naranja Amarga Recipe

The perfect warm-weather companion, this Hanky Panky variation has an irresistible springtime vibe that will be sure to make your taste buds smile. Fernet, gin, and triple sec combine with Punt e Mes sweet vermouth for a dry, orange flavor that makes for a sweet nod to a classic drink.