Margaritas are the bread and butter of countless bars across the nation, regardless of what the ingredients may be. In a similar fashion to how Martini riffs have gone buck wild in recent years, we’re starting to see the Marg take on a more nebulous identity. It all begs the question: Is the Margarita becoming more about a vibe (sunshine, flip-flops, and letting the good times roll) than the cocktail itself?

On this episode of the “VinePair Podcast,” Joanna and Zach discuss America’s most popular cocktail, the Margarita. Can anything with agave in it be a Margarita, and is there an appetite for high-end versions of the cocktail? Tune in for more.

Zach is reading: Wine Gadgets: The Good, the Bad, and the Downright Unnecessary
Joanna is reading: Could Now Be the Time for Baijiu to Shine?

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