9 Guinness Cocktails to Upgrade Your St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, and you know what that means — Guinness, Guinness, and more Guinness. As much as we love this OG Irish dry stout, we’re looking to get a bit more festive with our St. Patty’s Day drinking this year.

The rich, malty flavors in Guinness make it the perfect cocktail component; not only does it mesh well with a variety of other ingredients, but its smooth texture and creamy flavors make it a no-brainer in cocktail concoctions. Whether you’re a coffee craver or a sparkling wine aficionado, we’ve found a Guinness recipe for you — because let’s face it, this Friday, we’re all a little Irish.

The Black Velvet

Guinness Champagne Black Velvet Cocktail
Photo via Express

What’s more festive for St. Patrick’s Day than a combination of Guinness and bubbly? Plus, this drink’s got some serious history attached to it — this cocktail’s creation dates back to the 1860s!

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Irish Car Bomb Jello Shots

Irish Car Bomb Guinness Baileys Jello Shots
Photo via E Is For Eat

Look, it’s actually not cool to call these Jello shots Irish Car bombs; seriously, it’s offensive, but could you possibly think of a better way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day than these delicious shots? We’re going to call them “The Luck of The Irish” instead. The recipe also calls for Jameson and Baileys, so basically this recipe is as Irish as you could possibly get.

Guinness Chocolate Milk

Guinness Stout Adult Chocolate Milk
Photo via Kitchen-Tested

Take a step back into your childhood lunchbox with this Guinness Chocolate Milk recipe. Pair with Goldfish or Chips Ahoy for some serious (booze-filled) nostalgia.

Caribbean Pumpkin Punch

Guiness Stout Pumpkin Spice PSL Caribbean Punch
Photo via Homemade Zagat

Basically a glorified Pumpkin Spice Latte with booze. We know it’s March, but any excuse to drink pumpkin spiced anything works for us. Guinness Pumpkin Punch, anyone?

Golden Tales Cocktail

Guinness Crown Royal Wafer Mason Jar Cocktail
Photo via Huffington Post

Everyone loves a good mason jar cocktail and this Guinness Golden Ale-based drink is no exception. Plus, maple syrup foam? You had us at maple anything.

Dublin Iced Coffee

Guinness Boozy Irish Stout Coffee
Photo via Bon Appetit

Coffee and booze — everyone’s two favorite things. Though with a combination of stout and Irish whiskey in this recipe, we recommend holding off on this brew ’til your afternoon coffee break.

Guinness Black Russian

Guinness Vodka Black Russian Cola
Photo via BBC Good Food

While this may appear to look like a simple Guinness, there’s actually vodka, coffee liqueur, and cola mixed in there. A lethal, yet delicious, concoction indeed.

Nutella Guinness Stout Chocolate Milkshakes

Guinness Nutella Stout Boozy Milkshake
Photo via Country Cleaver

Nutella. Guinness. Chocolate. Milkshakes. Need we say more?

Irish Car Bomb Ice Cream Float

Irish Car Bomb St. Patrick's Day Boozy Guinness Ice Cream Float
Photo via Reclaiming Provincial

Just look at how gorgeous this festive, boozy, Irish Ice Cream Float is! Though with Baileys, heavy cream, and whole milk, this recipe certainly isn’t for the lactose-sensitive. In fact, this might even be more of a meal than a cocktail. Friday night dinner, anyone? Hey, it is a holiday, after all — no regrets here.