Loves groups, thrives in summertime, and a little high maintenance — this may sound like that friend who is obsessed with festivals held in deserts, but we’re actually referring to the superstar cocktail ingredient of summer: the blackberry.

While blackberries have a wild and thorny past (literally), today the fruit is making its way into cocktail glasses. This is because their subtle sweetness and pleasurable tartness do wonders in a drink — and for those superstitiously inclined, blackberries are also believed to protect against evil spells during particular moon phases. So, gather ye blackberries while ye may, and peruse this list to discover your favorite alcoholic blackberry beverage.

The Rosé Blackberry Spritz

Nothing spells refreshing like the perfect summer spritz. This bubbly recipe combines the best of both worlds with rosé aperitivo and a splash of blackberry soda.

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The Blackberry Fig Smash

This suave recipe is sure to win over those unfamiliar with the majesty of fig flavoring. The underutilized combination of fig, blackberries, and tequila is sure to be a smash hit.

The Blackberry-Lime Margarita

This cocktail is made for muddling (or meddling, depending on how many you consume). Agave and blackberry make for a magical Margarita combo.

The Blackberry Bourbon Sour

Blackberries, simple syrup, and lemon juice are the perfect showcase for bourbon’s versatility in this drink. The combo is practically berry pie in a glass.

The Blackberry Mojito

Feeling tropical? Look no further. This magical Mojito provides the perfect amount of rum, blackberries, and breezy vibes.

Spiked Blackberry Lemonade

This drink is not from your neighborhood lemonade stand. But, it is tangy, fresh, and berry delicious, thanks to rum and blackberry simple syrup.

The Perfect Sangria

It would be remiss not to include Sangria in this collection of drinks. While blackberry isn’t typically the dominant fruit in Sangria, this dark berry makes for a lovely Sangria variation, especially when the summer fruit is in season.

The Southern Jam Recipe

Jam isn’t just for cobbler and pies. This sweet recipe calls for an easy combination of (blackberry or other) jam, bourbon, and lemon juice. Easy as pie!