Gone are the days when Mimosas were only synonymous with Sunday brunch or Mother’s Day picnics. With the explosion of DIY at-home cocktails, combined with the affordability of sparkling wines like Prosecco and Cava, VinePair’s Bubbly Week is the perfect time to experiment with Mimosa-inspired cocktails.

Traditionally, a Mimosa includes equal parts sparkling wine and citrus juice — usually orange, given its ease and wide availability. But with a few tweaks and a bit of inspiration, Mimosas are getting a makeover with these irresistible variations.

The Saon 75

6 Riffs on Classic Mimosas: Saon 75

A twist on the trendy French 75, the Saon 75 uses Calvados in place of gin. Calvados, a brandy made in Normandy, France, has flavors of apples and occasionally pears. Together with a splash of lemon juice, this bubbly concoction is like sipping on a fruit salad.

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The Strawberry Sparkler

6 Riffs on Classic Mimosas: Strawberry Sparkler

Pisco, a type of Chilean or Peruvian brandy, is mixed with strawberry simple syrup and sparkling rosé in this flavorful pink cocktail. To please myriad brunch-goers, adjust the amount of simple syrup to suit different tastes.

The Dark Cherry Mimosa

6 Riffs on Classic Mimosas: The Dark Cherry Mimosa

Grapefruit juice along with cherry syrup play yin and yang in this tart, yet subtly sweet, cocktail. This easy three-ingredient Mimosa doesn’t even require a homemade syrup — simply use the juice from the Maraschino cherry jar! Top with grapefruit rind, or nibble on cherries while you sip.


6 Riffs on Classic Mimosas: The Mediterranean Sparkling Spring

An ode to the sun-drenched Mediterranean, Italian Prosecco and French Triple-Sec are combined to create this refreshing medley. A little tart and a touch sweet, the fresh mint garnish adds balance to this flavor explosion.


6 Riffs on Classic Mimosas: The Sparkling Strawberry Bellini

This is the thirst quencher of your dreams. A medley of strawberry purée, lemon juice, and a touch of sugar mix with your favorite kind of Prosecco for this fresh and simple cocktail. Garnish with a fresh strawberry for an effortless yet elegant finish.

The Effervescent Love

6 Riffs on Classic Mimosas: The Effervescent Love

Guaranteed to hit a flavor button your guests haven’t tried before, strawberry and fig simple syrup adds layers and dimension to this otherwise simple Mimosa-inspired cocktail. Kick it up a notch with a splash of lemon juice and get ready for praise. Make the simple syrup in advance for this cocktail to come together quickly in front of guests.