The twelve days of Christmas has begun, and what better way to reel in the season than a playlist of our office’s favorite holiday tunes? But in classic VinePair fashion, we can’t just listen to music. Oh no, we have to match it perfectly with a wine, because a splash of vino makes everything just like a cookie left for Santa…a little bit sweeter.

1. Last Christmas – Zinfandel

You know that wine you got in the white elephant? Don’t regift it like your lover did your heart. Enjoy that Zinfandel and make sure that special someone is worthy of your love–and your wine.

2. All I Want For Christmas Is You – Pinot Noir

Liquid romance. Forget snow, Pinot Noir is all we want for Christmas and we aren’t ashamed to say it. Plus, you will hit that note (we ALL know the one) after a glass… or four.

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3. My Only Wish (This Year) – Riesling

Sweet and fun just like the candy cane that made your toddler’s whole face sticky. A Riesling is just what you need for this tune. When comparing dry or sweet, think about which stage of Britney you would like to channel. Never forget 2007.

4. White Christmas – Chardonnay

It’s definitely record breaking highs for December across the country this year, so Chardonnay might be the closest thing to a white Christmas that much of the country will see. After a few glasses, you’ll spot your mother singing “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas, but if the white runs out, I’ll drink the red.” Same.

5. Christmas in Hollis – Merlot

If Mom is cooking chicken, collard greens, rice, stuffing and macaroni & cheese, we’re going to need a safe wine ready for the dinner table.

6. Christmas Time is Here – Bordeaux

The classic song deserves a classic wine to sip by the fire. Make sure to don a sweater with a fine blend of being both festive and tacky.

7. Baby It’s Cold Outside – Mulled Wine

Okay, the song is a little creepy when you think about it. But if it’s really that cold outside, what better drink than a mulled wine? It’s warming in more ways than one and will take your mind off the slightly touchy lyrics.

8. ¿Donde Esta Santa Claus? – Rioja

Possibly the most underrated Christmas song ever, Donde Esta Santa Claus is a perfect match for a Rioja. When this tune comes on it will have you salsa dancing all over your house, so make sure to put down your glass before this song hits your ears. We are not responsible for spilled vino on the carpet.

9. Carol Of The Bells – Champagne

The classic tune is so intense it needs an extravagant experience to follow. Grab your friends, a few bottles of ice cold bottles of Champagne, and an iPad to saber your way through the beat. Did we just give you the tools to go viral? You’re welcome.

10. Wonderful Christmas Time – Sauvignon Blanc

Simply having a wonderful Christmas-wine! No better way to ring in the holiday than with a bright Sauvignon Blanc that is guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser.

11. Run Run Rudolph – Cabernet Sauvignon

Fire. Passion. Red noses. These are the real characteristics of Cabernet Sauvignon. Let’s just hope that Rudolph didn’t sip some of Santa’s Cabernet before they left or else Christmas might be riding on him not getting an F.U.I. (Flying? Floating? Whatever Reindeer do).

12. Christmas Wrapping – Pinot Grigio

Sassy and self aware is what makes this a Christmas classic – just like glorious Pinot Grigio. If you’re spending the holidays alone this year, don’t worry, Pinot is here to keep you company. Or that guy you saw in the A&P. Either are a win in our book.

Honorable Mentions

12 Days of Christmas – Flight of Wine

We may or may not have just discovered a new drinking game. Set up each of the 12 wines we have gathered for you above and then assign each a “day” of Christmas. Each time the day is said in the song – DRINK! Yeah, this one’s a keeper.

Deck Da Club – Wine Coolers

Reserved for the end of your evening, this song brings questions that need answers. How did we get here? We bought wine coolers? Why am I dressed up as Santa? When are the Ying Yang twins going to make their next comeback? Look at yourself in the mirror and think about whether or not you made it on the naughty list.

Cheers! Here’s the Spotify playlist: