País 101

País 101


“In a wine world where we are all searching for unique experiences and wines that speak of a place, a.k.a. terroir, there is nothing that can rival País.” says Paul Grieco, of Terroir wine bar. As wine drinkers increasingly seek products that speak of their origin, winemakers, particularly in the Maule, Itata, and Bío Bío regions of Chile, are turning back to País and crafting compelling red wines with juicy fruit and spice.

País 101 will take attendees through the story of Chile’s incredible grape, and how this centuries-old wine has stood the test of time. Join Julio Bouchon as we explore the family-owned vineyards growing País that have long been farmed sustainably and biodynamically, and the wine culture surrounding País today.

Host - Julio Buchon

Julio is a journalist by profession and a winemaker at heart. The prestigious Decanter magazine (UK) acknowledged Julio among the top 10 winemakers of South America. Together with his brother Juan, Julio transformed his family’s 4th generation winery Bouchon, into one of the top Maule based wineries. Bouchon Winery focuses on the rescue of the old vines (Pais, Carignan, Semillon). Today, Julio and Juan are leaders in the Secano Interior of Maule, and Bouchon is one of the most popular wineries to visit in Chile. In 2013, Julio started his own project with David Niewoudt from South Africa (Cederberg Wines) called Longavi Wines. Their new brand focuses in heritage varieties from Maule, Itata, and Bio Bio, and on making a great rosé from Chile. Today Julio is the president of Vigno in Maule, an association of 16 producers specializing in old vine Carignan.

Host - Adam Teeter

Adam founded VinePair with Josh with one simple goal: create a publication he actually wanted to read in a space he was extremely passionate about. Since founding the publication Adam has become recognized as an authority on how to make the drinks world accessible to everyone as well as on the ever evolving media landscape. He is the winner of the Left Bank Bordeaux Cup American Wine-Tasting Championship and holds an MBA from NYU Stern.

Host - Tim McKirdy

Tim McKirdy is a Staff Writer at VinePair, specializing in wine and spirits. Before writing about booze, he worked as a professional chef in award-winning kitchens in London and Buenos Aires.

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