Reviewed on 02-15-2019
Rating A+
Style Red
Blend , Merlot
Vintage 2015
ABV 13.5%
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Perfect For

Date Night, Sipping Without Food, Treat Yo'self

Drink If You Like

Merlot, Pinot Noir , Sangiovese

The Full Review

Not sure if Classico needed another category yet here we are in the first years of the new Gran Selezione designation where wine must be made from estate-only grapes and also must be bottled by the Estate. It’s all very weird and the results have been hit or miss, but here’s a hit. Sangiovese with a dollop of Merlot, this wine has the elegance of a fine wine and the depth of a classic, hearty Tuscan red with aromas of sour cherry fruit bordering on cherry liqueur (due to the Merlot), deep, earthy underbrush and waxy floral vibes. There’s even some great savory notes of cured meat and tobacco leaf. The balance on the palate is wonderful and broad with the Merlot softening the already smooth edges of the Sangiovese into a chewy core. I’m not even sure I would eat with this wine but just sip and enjoy with friends.