Whether you love it, hate it, or are convinced it’s a marketing scheme, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Most of us will be celebrating it one way or another. Whether it’s spending quality time at home with your spouse, going out on the town with your significant other, or simply having a girls’ night in (hello, Galentine’s Day!), one thing is certain: A gift most definitely will be involved.

Spare your beloved recipient the pain of receiving yet another box of those disgustingly processed chocolates. This year, give them a gift that truly suits their personality: Get them accessories for their favorite type of booze! Whether your partner is a beer person, wino, or whiskey aficionado, we’ve created a gift bundle for every type of alcohol lover and your life. And what if you’re one of those pissed-off single people who just want to spend the day alone? Yep, we’ve got an (anti-) Valentine’s Day Bundle for you, too!

Valentine’s Day Bundle For Beer Lovers

The Only Gift Packs You Need For Valentine's Day

This bundle includes a railroad spike beer opener, our delicious Bring Me Beer socks, and a delightful chemistry pint glass set. The railroad spike beer opener is exactly what it sounds like — it actually came from an old railroad spike. Let your lover put up their feet, crack open their favorite bottle, and drink it from this unique chemistry pint glass. If you’re lucky, maybe they’ll share. Maybe.

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Valentine’s Day Bundle For Champagne Lovers

The Only Gift Packs You Need For Valentine's Day

Because what says Valentine’s Day more than a bottle of bubbly? Grab your favorite bottle and pop it open with this perfect pack for Champagne lovers. The pack includes four Champagne flutes (just in case you break the first two while getting a little crazy!) and glacier rock wine globes to keep that bubbly chilled without watering it down. The bundle comes complete with a heavyweight stopper.

Valentine’s Day Bundle For Whiskey Lovers

The Only Gift Packs You Need For Valentine's Day

Surprise the whiskey lover in your life with this gorgeous cut glass decanter and geometric crystal tumblers. Transfer their favorite bottle into this stunning glassware and pour them a serving in their new vessel, all while being optimally chilled by the accompanying whiskey stones. Deliciously non-diluted dram and a brand-new glass decanter? They’ll be certain to love you just a little bit more than they already do.

Valentine’s Day Bundle For Wine Lovers

The Only Gift Packs You Need For Valentine's Day

Nothing says “I love you” like a pack of wine accessories! Warm your lover’s heart (and feet) with these cozy Bring Me Wine socks while serving them their favorite bottle on one of these gorgeous handmade coasters. Spend the evening dressing up all the bottles in your cellar with these hilarious 26 Honest Wine Labels — because what better way to have a date night at home than laughing over a bottle of wine?

Anti-Valentine’s Day Bundle

The Only Gift Packs You Need For Valentine's Day

Who needs a lover, anyway? Celebrate Singles Appreciation Day by taking a shot with your best pal out of your brand new Marble Shot Glasses while having a laugh over your pack of brutally honest wine labels. Prefer to take yourself on a solo date to the movies or a show? Sneak your favorite booze along in your Survival Book Hidden Flask. Being single ain’t so bad after all!