7 V Day Mistakes

Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays where even if you remember to celebrate it, there are still potential pitfalls. But you’re in luck, because we’ve outlined what those biggest mistakes are, and how you can avoid them.

Going To The Hot Restaurant

You may think you’ve scored when you land a reservation for Valentine’s Day at the current “it” restaurant, but unfortunately, this is probably the worst time to try this place’s award winning cuisine. That’s because on Valentine’s Day places like this get absolutely slammed, and that means the service and food usually suffers. It isn’t really the restaurant’s fault, but with a packed house and more turns than normal, things are going to be rushed, which means you probably won’t have the best experience. So save the hot restaurant for a normal night and head to a favorite neighborhood spot instead.

Not Talking To Your Server About The Wine

We know you probably read our Wine 101 section prior to going out and feel you have all the info you need, but if you haven’t made the first mistake by going to the hot restaurant where the server probably is too slammed to talk to you, then you’re missing out by not having a conversation with your server or somm. Your server should know the list well, and that means they’ll be able to point you in the direction of the bottle you’re going to enjoy, but they won’t be able to help you if you don’t ask.

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Not Starting The Night With A Glass Of Bubbly

The only holiday more appropriate for bubbly than New Year’s Eve is Valentine’s Day, so if you want to start the night off right, have a glass.

Ordering A Wine Simply Because It Is Expensive

You might want to look like a baller tonight, but if you’re ordering a bottle just because of the price tag, you’re making a big mistake. Sure expensive wine can be great, but if you’re not a collector or someone who drinks pricey wine all the time, a solid bottle under $99 is going to give you just as much pleasure as that three-figure bottle you’re eyeing.

Thinking Wine Is The Only Drink You Should Have

If you’re more a fan of craft beer than vino, then don’t hesitate to order it. Sure, the greeting card companies and “big wine” would love you to believe it’s Vino only on Valentine’s Day, but that’s simply not true. It’s really a day for celebrating the things you love, and if those things happen to be craft beer or classic cocktails, then by all means, imbibe.

Not Splurging A Bit If You’re Staying In

If you choose to stay in instead of dealing with the hustle and bustle of dining out, congratulations, your sanity will thank you. But since you’re saving money on the evening, why not splurge a bit on the drinks you choose to have with your night in. Spend $10 or $20 more than you normally would on a bottle of wine, splurge on a large format beer, or buy ingredients to make a fancy cocktail. Treat yourself!

Heading To The Wine Shop At The Last Minute

The wine store isn’t going to be as hectic as your local flower shop, but trust us, there is going to be a crowd. And if you’ve waited until the last minute, that means there isn’t going to be someone who is easily available to offer help, plus the wine you want might be out of stock. So do yourself a favor and at least go the day before.