Are Whiskey Stones Better Than Ice Cubes?

If you’re sitting at your desk googling, “Are whiskey stones better than ice cubes?” instead of wrapping up that report for Bob in Accounting, we’ve got news for you: the answer is yes.

Any whiskey aficionado worth their weight in bourbon knows that when it comes to dilution, water’s where it’s at. When it comes to chilling though, ice can over dilute and sometimes even bring unwanted flavors to your dram. In even worst cases, ice can be chock full of bacteria and even mold. Think about it: A 12-year bottle of whiskey is a thing of beauty. That ice that’s been sitting in the back of your freezer next to your stash of overripe bananas? Not so much.

Instead of tainting your prized glass of bourbon with less-than-pristine cubes, throw in a freezer burn-proof whiskey rock or two and be on your way.

Glacier Rocks Gold Plated Whiskey Stones (Set of 4) – $34

We’re partial to this set of four Glacier Rocks Stainless Gold Plated Whiskey Stones for their small size (think easily being able to adjust your chill) and their gorgeous gold plating.
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Skull Whisky Stones (Set of 2) – $26

For those looking for something a little more edgy, these Skull Whisky Stones, are as functional as they are aesthetically daring.
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Soapstone Whiskey Sphere (Set of 2) – $30

For something a little more subtle and refined, we love this Soapstone Whiskey Sphere which naturally is cooler than most materials.
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Drink Rocks Geometric Shapes (Set of 4) – $34 (originally $41)

A favorite around the VinePair office, these Drink Rocks Geometric Shapes are unlike most whiskey stones we’ve seen. Plop these bad boys made from soapstone and marble in your glass and never drink whiskey that tastes like old fruit again.
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