Colder weather calls for Scotch whisky. While we love Scotch in all its forms, this winter we invite you to rid yourself of the misleading notion that Scotch must be consumed solo, in a leather armchair, by a fireplace. It’s an underrated cocktail ingredient that shines in classics, and can take your average whiskey drink to the next level.

Here are eight ways to embrace Scotchtails.

The Blood and Sand

the blood and sand is the perfect scotch cocktail

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Although frequently omitted from the cocktail canon, the Blood and Sand is a classic that deserves attention. Make one the right way, and the mixture of Scotch, orange, cheery heering, and lemon is both warming and refreshing in all the right ways.

The Rob Roy

the rob roy is the perfect scotch cocktail

The Manhattan’s smoky cousin, the Rob Roy is an understated mix of Scotch, sweet vermouth, and Angostura bitters. Simplicity never tasted so smooth.

The Rusty Nail

the rusty nail is the perfect scotch cocktail

Scotch cocktails aren’t known for having appetizing names, and following close behind the Blood and Sand is the Rusty Nail. Don’t let the name scare you off; this two-ingredient cocktail is a great sipper that packs a punch.

The Grapefruit Penicillin

the grapefruit penicillin is the perfect scotch cocktail

The original Penicillin was invented in 2005. This riff provides the only upgrade it needed: grapefruit.

The Caledonian Spritzer

caladonian spritzer is the perfect scotch cocktail

Scotch and Riesling might not sound like natural companions for a cocktail, but throw in a little pineapple juice and prepare to be surprised.

The Cinnamon Sin

the cinnamon sin is the perfect scotch cocktail

Cinnamon-infused agave, orange peel, and Angostura bitters pull out the flavors of sherry oak Macallan in this simple yet delightful cocktail created by The Wayland’s Pete Canny.

The Square Root of Saint John

the square root of saint john is the perfect scotch cocktail

Jon Linstead, the bar manager of Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh, Scotland, combines Johnnie Walker Blenders’ Batch Triple Grain American Oak with cult ingredients like Courvoisier and Bitter Truth Pimento Dram. While we might not all have these ingredients just casually lying around the house, Linstead’s drink brilliantly demonstrates how select ingredients can elevate top-tier spirits.

The Smoky Star

Whiskey cocktails typically pair with sweet vermouth. The Flatiron Room’s Young Kim created a cocktail that begs the question: Why aren’t more using dry vermouth? It’s made with BenRiach 10 Year peated whisky, dry vermouth, maraschino liqueur, Benedictine, cinnamon, and star anise.