Easter baskets may be designed for children who wish to eat so much candy their teeth fall out – but that doesn’t mean us adults have to skip out on the fun. Sure, it might not be a stellar idea to eat our weight in chocolate bunnies; however, it’s pretty much socially acceptable to drink our weight in wine at this point.

When your nieces and nephews aren’t looking, snatch some of their Easter goodies to make a match made in heaven with these pairings.

Cadbury Eggs – Prosecco

Cadburry Cream EggsMy own personal favorite, these nostalgic Cadbury Eggs are light on the chocolate spectrum, however, their filling is super rich and very sugary. In this situation, it’s best to cut through the thickness of the filling with a little bit of bubbly. Prosecco is the go-to here with just enough sweetness to keep up. Make sure you save some for brunch.

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Lindt Bunny – Zinfandel

lindt bunnyRich, creamy chocolate needs a rich wine to walk alongside it. A Zinfandel will give you those deep fruit flavors that will complement the creaminess of the chocolate bunny. Better stash another one in the shopping cart for yourself.

Robin’s Eggs – Merlot

robin eggSome years, Robin’s Eggs are divine. Other years, they end up stuck at the bottom of the Easter basket only to be found the following year. A lightly candy-coated chocolate sounds great, but these candies really lack that chocolate punch. A wine that is too heavy would overtake the candy like a teenager at an Easter Egg Hunt. Go for the Merlot, which is just soft enough for this occasion.

Peeps – Pink Moscato

peepsThere are two types of people in this world: those who love peeps and those who want to throw every box of them into a raging inferno. The marshmallow coated in sugar is sickeningly sweet, even for me. When it comes to profiles like this, if you can’t beat them, join them. A sweet Moscato is the way to go here – especially one of the “pink” variety.

Jelly Beans – Riesling

starburst Jelly BeansJelly Beans are a shot in the dark because each variety is so extremely different. Personally, the Starburst ones are my go-to because they have a defined sugary coating with a potently fruity center of jelly goodness. Don’t fight the deliciousness with a heavy or bone-dry wine. A Riesling is going to do the most for you here with its sweet nature that isn’t sickeningly sugary.

Reese’s Eggs – Pinot Noir

reeses eggsThe minute that these Reese’s Eggs hit store shelves is the minute my body is ready for Easter. Unlike a normal Reese’s, the eggs have a higher ratio of peanut butter which doesn’t make them as sugary. A Pinot Noir is just what the doctor ordered – the combination of the two tastes like really good peanut butter and jelly. Pro tip: freeze the Reese’s before indulging in chocolate-peanut-buttery boozy goodness.

Rice Crispy Treats – Chardonnay

rice-crispiesSnap, Crackle, Pop that bottle open already! These treats are so rich and buttery that they need a wine to stand up to the test. Enter Chardonnay. Say what you will about it, Chardonnay has a time and place. It’s heavy enough to pair with the marshmallow dessert, but light enough to not kill it like a red wine would.

Sour Patch Bunnies – Pinot Grigio

sour patch bunniesAs cute as these little bunnies may seem, they truly pack a punch. The sour coating is tangy, to say the least, but beneath the surface lies a sweet gummy candy. This sounds like a match made in heaven for Pinot Grigio! The slightly sweet notes of Meyer lemon were made for the zing of the Sour Patch bunnies.

Cookie’s & Crème Eggs – Demi-sec Champagne

cookies and creme eggsRich as hell, these little morsels are divine. Candy that’s this supremely rich and creamy needs bubbles to cut through the white chocolate, but also needs sweetness so it doesn’t overpower the cookie deliciousness. With a demi-sec Champagne, you’ll still get the sweetness in your wine that will go hand in hand with the sweetness of the chocolate.

Zombie Bunny – Syrah and a will to live

zombie bunnyHere comes Peter Cottontail, hoppin’ down the bunny trail, hippity, hoppin’, Easter’s on its way…to being taken over by zombies? Run for the wine cellar, lock the door, and drink a Syrah to give you strength and maybe a little liquid courage to take down this little monster.