In case anybody missed the memo, leggings technically aren’t pants. But that hasn’t stopped the entire world from wearing them as such. Whether you’re going in on an intense workout, heading into work, or just lounging around with your cat, yoga pants are a gift from above.

So comfortable and luxurious, not to mention the beautiful designs (who doesn’t love a good geometric yoga pant?). And nothing helps you ease into comfort quite like a bottle of wine. So we played matchmaker and paired up the wine you should be drinking after your yoga class based on the yoga pants brand you happen to be wearing. Namaste.

Under ArmourSyrah

Under Armour - Syrah

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So you actually do intense physical activity in your yoga pants? That’s hardcore. You deserve a wine as strong and gorgeous as you are after you throw down with your CrossFit instructor.


Zobha - Champagne

Urban jungle meets pure class. The only wine that belongs in your hand is a glass of Champagne. Flip your hair in the face of the peasants.

Old Navy Active – Box of Chardonnay

Old Navy Active - Box of Chardonnay

Ballin’ on a budget and that’s okay. Not everybody can (or should) spend upwards of $100 on some yoga pants. This mentality crosses over to what’s in your basket at the wine shop. It’s not cheap, it’s efficient.


prAna - Malbec

You may do yoga to help you relax, but nothing can calm your peppery and juicy personality. Just like your pants, the Malbec is well-liked but still has a little flair.

Victoria’s SecretPinot Noir

Victoria’s Secret - Pinot Noir

You’re sporty. You’re sexy. You not only desire the spotlight, you have it. The wine of love, Pinot Noir, is necessary after your hot and sweaty Bikram session with instructor Antonio.


Target - Rosé

In your spin class, you’re the Taylor Swift of the group, leading the pack to glory. Young, bright, and full energy, these leggings are a match made in heaven with Rosé.


GapFit - Rioja

Function meets more function, these pants from Gap are solid and will let the onlookers see what you have and not focus on your pants. Enter stage right, Rioja, the wine that has enough fire for both you and your pants.

NikeCabernet Sauvignon

Nike - Cabernet Sauvignon

You’re the athlete who’s ready for a triathlon, a marathon, and whatever other -on’s you’ve got booked on the calendar. Thus, you need a reliable wine that also plays to win. The Cabernet Sauvignon is here, ready to step up to the challenge.

Forever 21Moscato

Forever 21 - Moscato

Just like the girl next to you in your Pilates class, these leggings are adorable but are sometimes a bit too much. The use of different materials is a good attempt at being edgy, but the “Do Better” running down the side is a lot — just like a Moscato.

H&M SportPinot Grigio

H&M Sport - Pinot Grigio

These pants are simple, but still have a bite to their design. When you put them on, you can feel the sass building from a mile away — just like a lemony Pinot Grigio.

Outdoor VoicesSauvignon Blanc

Outdoor Voices - Sauvignon Blanc

When it comes to yoga pants, some of these brands go crazy with the patterns and cuts. These clean colors with crisp lines are just like a stunningly refreshing Sauvignon blanc. It’s amazing how you can find beauty in life’s simplest treasures.

AthletaWhite Burgundy

Athleta - White Burgundy

Glamorous and down to spend the evening on a sailboat after your 1:45 hot yoga class, these yoga pants can do it all. What you need is some liquid gold White Burgundy to accompany your lifestyle.

90 Degree by ReflexMerlot

90 Degree by Reflex - Merlot

Sure, these Amazon best sellers may be pretty basic, but the proof is in the pudding. Reviewers love these and you don’t need a pretty penny to get involved. Just like a Merlot, you can count on it being exactly what you want.


Lululemon - Bordeaux

Last but not least, the OG luxury yoga pant obviously goes to the OG luxury wine region. You take value to heart and consider this pairing to be an investment in your future. So worth it.