Wine And Yoga At The Vineyard - The Perfect Pairing

Have you ever gone through an intense Vinyasa flow session and craved a refreshing glass of wine afterward? If you’re visiting Wölffer Estate, known for its rosé, you can make that dream a reality. The vineyard, which regularly offers sunset tastings started offering a morning flow yoga class last summer. Co-owner Joey Wölffer says, “A lot of people go to yoga… and come back and pick up their wine for the weekend.” Stretching your muscles and expanding your taste buds? Count us in.

Besides being enjoyable, drinking wine after yoga could also be conducive to your workout. We already know that wine as a bedtime snack can curb junk cravings, but California nutritionist Cate Ritter says that knowing you’ll have a bit of wine after your workout session will incentivize you to get up and stretch. Think of wine as your fitness-enthused best friend, cajoling you to try just a bit harder. However, wine shouldn’t be the only thing you drink after a workout, Ritter advises aslo having a bit of water.

Your options for yoga-sipping are plentiful. Besides Wölffer in New York, Vineyard 29 in St. Helena, California offers private yoga and a subsequent wine tasting. Domaine Carneros also offers a “Brut-camp,” where post-yoga participants relax with wines that have yet to be released to the public. However, if you’d rather keep it simple, check out one of the various free yoga classes on YouTube and promise yourself a glass of this rosé upon completion. Remember – don’t work too hard, it is the summer, after all.

H/t The Wall Street Journal