A Complete Introduction To The Wines Of France: MAP & INFOGRAPHIC

As American consumers we’re perhaps more familiar with France’s wines than those of any other country. This is changing, as exports from around the world arrive on American shelves, and of course as American wine continues its decades-long evolution in quality and variety. For many of us French wine means Bordeaux, Burgundy, and of course Champagne. Rosé has exploded in popularity in recent years, and many of us identify French Rosés with Provence. Beyond those familiar regions, France, and its geographically labeled wines can be quite confusing for the everyday wine drinker.

The infographic and map below is your complete introductory guide to France’s wines, including the major regions, the grapes that grow there, and their famous blends, along with general facts about French wine. If you want to learn even more about France’s wines, check out our in-depth articles and resources below the infographic.

Complete Intro Guide To The Wines Of France

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