One of the hardest things about discovering Old World wines that you might enjoy is that the labels are so confusing. If you’re used to seeing the grape(s) on the label, often prominently, you might wonder what’s going on. Most wines from Old World wine countries prominently identify where the grapes were grown (and who produced the wine), rather than what’s inside the bottle. To make matters more confusing, many of the most famous Old World wines are blends of multiple grape varieties.

To help end this confusion we created this handy infographic that reveals the most likely grape varieties you’ll find in wines from 19 different popular regions of France. We say likely because every region in France has its own rules and customs, and often, exceptions to those rules and customs. For the vast majority of French wines you’ll find on a wine list or on a shelf, what you see in the guide is what you’ll get in the bottle!

P.S. – Check back regularly as we’ll be publishing infographic guides for other countries including Italy and Spain.

What Grapes Are Used To Make That Old World Wine: France