Reviewed on 06-18-2019
Rating B
Style Rosé
Vintage 2018
ABV 13%
Price $9.00  Buy This Wine

Perfect For

All-Day Sipping, Picnics In The Park, Pleasing A Crowd

Drink If You Like

Chardonnay, Grenache , Sauvignon Blanc

The Full Review

Not sure what the “original” part means but you get what you pay for, and that ain't half bad. There’s a quiet peppery vibe verging on cannabis but you’ll also get candied a red fruit medley on the nose along with a creamy palate, almost yogurt-like, and a low acidity that makes this wine just dry and refreshing enough. The wine is a bit saccharine but for under $10 this def works poolside or at picnics during pink season.