Reviewed on 05-18-2019
Rating B-
Style Rosé
Vintage 2018
North Coast
ABV 13.5%
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Perfect For

Party Wine, Rosé All Day, Summer Sipping

Drink If You Like

Assyrtiko, Pinot Blanc , Pinot Gris / Grigio

The Full Review

I don’t even know what to say about the label of this wine. Ignorant comes to mind. White peach and hints of grapefruit struggle to emerge on the nose, being gobbled up by high acidity. The saline quality of the juice continues to the mineral-driven palate, as aromas continue to be muted. The wine is quite neutral and would do well at a pool or beach party. It’s not about complexity here; it’s about the ‘gram. The “winemaker’s” digits are on the label and I almost called him to ask why “Send Nudes” was a good idea.