Reviewed on 08-29-2018
Rating A-
Style White
Vintage 2017
ABV 12.5%
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Perfect For

Boozy Beach Trips, Date Night, Drinking Outside the Lines

Drink If You Like

Grenache Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc , Vermentino

The Full Review

Cantine Colsi is a 4th generation family-owned winery on the island of Salina, a small volcanic island off the coast of northeastern Sicily. Their Salinia Bianco is an equal blend of Insolia and Catarratto, two indigenous Sicilian grapes, and has a pale, slightly golden color. The aromas and flavors are very expressive, and include citrus, white peach, and hints of lavender and sea salt. It's a nicely textured, medium/full-bodied white, with a long finish and a slightly salty, so-called "mineral" quality. There's something about the wine that's very evocative of the sea, and it would taste especially good sipped at the beach, either on its own or paired with fresh seafood.