Reviewed on 02-15-2019
Rating A
Style Red
Vintage 2015
ABV 14.5%
Price $18.00 Value Pick  Buy This Wine

Perfect For

Pleasing A Crowd, Popping Bottles, Weekday Dinner Pairings

Drink If You Like

Gamay, Malbec , Sangiovese

The Full Review

This kind of balance is often found in a higher priced bottle of Malbec, but Tamari, from their $9 entry-level to this $18 bottle, is able to get the most enjoyable aspects of this wine grape into the wine, into your nose and onto your palate. The acidity is bracing, calming any heat from the 14.5% alcohol, pronouncing vibrant notes of all kinds of red berry fruit (cherries, raspberries, strawberries) hovering over a welcoming earth tone. The palate is soft and broad with many aromas carrying from the nose to the palate, bringing in the slightest of vanilla from oak and folding in the berries. This bottle of Malbec is great, here's to seeing it more often on the market.