Reviewed on 02-15-2019
Rating B+
Style Red
Vintage 2017
ABV 13%
Price $10.00 Value Pick  Buy This Wine

Perfect For

Party Wine, Penny Pinching, Popping Bottles

Drink If You Like

Gamay, Malbec , Merlot

The Full Review

This wine is affordable and balanced and expressive and $10. Monteviejo has got it down pat with a great lineup of wines from chuggable to age-worthy. Slide this one into the chuggable category. It has great depth, is full bodied, with round cherry choulis, and flits mocha with dollops of earth to balance it all out. The tannin is well integrated and the acidity is high. It is a great wine to have on hand for spontaneous get togethers or cookouts.