The Story Behind The Three Salt Margarita

Salt is the star of this Margarita variation. Khan recommends enjoying this cocktail clockwise — starting with the sea salt section of the rim (the most delicate salt), moving to the grasshopper salt, and ending with the worm salt (the most robustly flavored salt).


  • 40 milliliters blanco tequila
  • 15 milliliters Cointreau
  • 22 milliliters freshly pressed lime juice
  • 5 milliliters Crawley’s agave syrup
  • Sea Salt
  • Grasshopper salt
  • Worm salt


  1. Rim a chilled Nick and Nora glass with equal sections of sea salt, grasshopper salt, and worm salt.
  2. Shake all other ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice.
  3. Double strain into the rimmed glass.

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Updated: 2024-04-22

The Three Salt Margarita