The Story Behind The Dante’s Hot Buttered Rum

From NYC’s esteemed Greenwich Village hotspot Dante, this take on the classic Hot Buttered Rum adds the fruity notes of rooibos tea and raspberry syrup to the cozy, decadent recipe. With a bit of baking spices and a hint of welcome sweetness, this is a balanced, warming cocktail ideal for the depths of winter.


  • 1 ounce spiced buttered Santa Teresa rum
  • ½ ounce allspice dram
  • ½ ounce amontillado sherry
  • ½ ounce raspberry syrup
  • 1 ounce rooibos tea
  • Garnish: cinnamon stick


  1. Fill a brulot mug with boiling water to warm it.
  2. ​​Warm buttered rum on the stove, stirring occasionally, until simmering.
  3. Pour out water, then combine all ingredients into brulot mug.
  4. Garnish with cinnamon stick.

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Updated: 2022-03-14

Dante’s Hot Buttered Rum