Pink wine, but make it bubbly! The sparkling rosé category has blown up in the wake of still rosé’s rise in popularity. Champagne has been ramping up the style over the last few years and the Prosecco region just officially launched the category into law in 2021. Just like its white sparkling counterparts, these wines evoke celebration and joy with an added note of whimsy.

Sparkling rosés are also just as versatile — they can work as a great brunch companion, pair with fine dining cuisine, or be enjoyed on their own. The colors range from pale to dark pink, and can be light and fruity or deep and soulful. They also come in at a range of price points, from casual weeknight bubbly to a special occasion splurge. Sparkling rosé seems to be just getting started — even though it’s been around for a while — its time is now.

With summer just around the corner, enjoy this list with selections from rosé Champagne to pink bubbles from California, Virginia, Tasmania, South Africa, and Italy. These are the best sparkling rosé wines for 2023.

Best Sparkling Rosés Under $50

Graham Beck Méthode Cap Classique Brut Rosé NV is one of the best sparkling rosés for 2023.

When Mr. Bubbles passes the torch it’s a big deal. Pieter Ferreira (that’s Mr. Bubbles to you) crafted South African sparkling wine before it was cool. Isn’t that how it always happens? His skill and experience made Graham Beck sparkling wines the premier South African bubbly on our market. Today, Mr. Ferreira’s mentee is carrying on the legacy of the man who made it happen. This is such a solid bang for your buck with tart red berry notes and a crisp nose and palate. It’s the wine at the party that will start a conversation. Thanks, Mr. Bubbles!

Average Price: $20
Rating: 89

Montinore Vivacé Prosecco Rosé 2021

Montinore Vivacé Prosecco Rosé 2021 is one of the best sparkling rosés for 2023.

Rudy Marchesi is an Oregon winemaker, but his family roots are in Northern Italy. So collaborating with a winemaker in Prosecco for this rosé was kind of a no-brainer. And it’s great. Deep and earthy on the nose with a juicy, fruit-forward palate. The Pinot Noir and Glera work so well together, bringing a bit of punchiness that is calmed by great minerality.

Average Price: $20
Rating: 92 

Mezzacorona Rotari Blossom Rosé Trentodoc 2016

Mezzacorona Rotari Blossom Rosé Trentodoc 2016 is one of the best sparkling rosés for 2023.

Mezzacorona and Rotari have been cultivating their vineyards since the early 20th century. And they have been doing it up in the mountainous region of Trentino, specifically the rugged Dolomites. This is mountain fruit. The elevated environment allows the grapes to retain acidity while not sacrificing ripeness. It’s floral on the nose with a hint of Parmigiano Reggiano rind and tart fruit. On the palate, this wine has great natural acidity and balanced fruit. It’s a wine with personality. If you like the roundness and blousy nature of a good Blanc de Blancs, this is right up your alley.

Average Price: $21
Rating: 89

Mumm Napa Brut Rosé NV

Mumm Napa Brut Rosé NV is one of the best sparkling rosés for 2023.

The G.H. Mumm Champagne house headed to Napa Valley in the late ‘70s after seeing great potential in the region. The winery released its first American Sparkler (a term I’m trying to make a thing, ya heard it here first) in 1989. Since then, they have become part of the fabric of the valley in the bubbly realm. This is a great everyday sparkling rosé with tart juicy fruit on the nose and a creamy fruit-forward palate that is balanced by lively bubbles. It is your beach, picnic, wind-down companion.

Average Price: $24
Rating: 90

Avinyó Rosat Reserva Brut Cava NV

Avinyó Rosat Reserva Brut Cava NV Mumm Napa is one of the best sparkling rosés for 2023.

The Avinyó family has been making wine in the Penedès region since the 17th century. Even when their region was forever changed by the infestation of phylloxera in the 19th century, the family endured and came out on top after a trip to France to learn the new way of viticulture post-louse. Today, they are part of the Cava community and this wine shows their determination and skill. An earthy nose meets you in the glass with very ripe fruit vibes and a savory, almost culinary parmigiano rind aroma. The palate is rounded with well-integrated bubbles and a hint of grapefruit. This Cava has depth, which is not often on display within the category.

Average Price: $30
Rating: 90

Jansz Premium Sparkling Rosé NV

Jansz Premium Sparkling Rosé NV is one of the best sparkling rosés for 2023.

Tasmania. A rugged island off Australia that is perfect for cool-climate wines, and especially sparkling wine. Winemaker Jennifer Doyle has been with Jansz for over a decade making wonderful, balanced bubbly. It’s time to get into Tasmania and this is the bottle to get you started. Primarily made from Pinot Noir, this wine gives a little paunch of fruit around the edges in its sparkling persona. It has a tropical nose that is fruit-forward with some fun peach notes. It’s the palate that will get ya. It’s luscious with good depth beneath the perlage making for an easy drinking, complex, delicious wine.

Average Price: $30
Rating: 90

Mirabella Franciacorta Rosé NV

Mirabella Franciacorta Rosé NV is one of the best sparkling rosés for 2023.

Franciacorta is newish in the long history of Italian wine. It was only in the 1950s that the potential for the area was realized. Sure, there was wine being made here but the new focus was sparkling. Since then the region has grown to be one of the most focused and age-worthy bubbly on the boot. Mirabella has been here since the mid-‘80s, and has become one of the premier labels on our market representing the Franciacorta wine zone. This rosé has a buttery nose with notes of confection and grapefruit. The bubbles are delightful, almost dancing in the glass. The fruit on the palate has a nice medium weight, allowing the bubbles to be as free as they want. This is a wonderful wine.

Average Price: $30
Rating: 90

Domaine Pouillon Pét-Nat of Pinot Noir 2022

Domaine Pouillon Pét-Nat of Pinot Noir 2022 is one of the best sparkling rosés for 2023.

This is not technically a sparkling rosé but it’s sort of a sparkling rosé. The wine world can be confusing sometimes. This is a pétillant natural wine — pét-nat for short — which means “naturally sparkling” as it is made using the ancestral method. Some Pinot Noir pigment naturally bleeds into the wine, giving it a slightly pink hue, so we could not deny the gem of a bubbly we were sipping. Co-founders Alexis and Juliet Pouillon have a quote on their website: Their goal is to “focus toward producing wines that excite the senses and express the unique influences of our winegrowing region.” This ancestral method sparkler does just that. It is a textured wine with aromas of bruised apples and freshly squeezed pears. The palate has a nice grip to it with pleasant bubbles that gently float to the top. It’s just damn delicious.

Average Price: $34
Rating: 90

Roederer Estate Brut Rosé NV

Roederer Estate Brut Rosé NV is one of the best sparkling rosés for 2023.

In the 1980s, Jean-Claude Rouzaud, former president of Champagne Louis Roederer, saw the potential for great sparkling wine in the soils of the Anderson Valley in Northern California. Rouzaud selected a 580-acre site in the Anderson Valley to establish a vineyard, and the first Roederer Estate Brut was introduced in 1988. He has since handed down the reins of the family business to his son Frédéric Rouzaud. This bottle represents that casual, any-occasion side of what they do. It has classic pastry dough along with strawberries, peaches, and the undeniable nostalgic cereal milk vibe. It’s great. The bubbles are soft like a lazy day, the juicy fruit is round, and the finish is as pleasant as a Northern Cali sunset. A solid everyday bubbly.

Average Price: $39
Rating: 90

Veritas Vineyard and Winery Sparkling Rosé NV

Veritas Vineyard and Winery Sparkling Rosé NV is one of the best sparkling rosés for 2023.

Andrew and Patricia came to Virginia from Nottingham, England. They raised three children and fell in love with the wine scene in the Commonwealth. This compelled them to do the hard work of starting their own winery, which became a reality in 1999. Their daughter Emily worked alongside them to build the business that is now well over 10 vintages in. They have the experience, and wow, does it show in this wine. Something about Cab Franc in rosé form just hits. Made from Chardonnay and Cabernet Franc, the nose has a nice toastiness along with red berry fruit like strawberries and a whisper of raspberry. The palate has awesome fruit depth from the Cab Franc and a blousy roundness from the Chardonnay. Virginia should be all over your radar.

Average Price: $40
Rating: 91

Wölffer Estate ‘Noblesse Oblige’ Sparkling Rosé 2019

Wölffer Estate 'Noblesse Oblige' Sparkling Rosé 2019 is one of the best sparkling rosés for 2023.

Does this wine even need an introduction? In Gotham and its surrounding area, at least, when this wine hits the shelves it’s gone in a New York minute — sometimes faster (see what I did there). This American Sparkler from the Hamptons AVA is giving notes of honeysuckle, peaches, and smoked honey that carry from the nose to the palate. The mouthfeel is soft and velvety with a slight tinge of savory. This is def a summer soirée crowd-pleaser.

Average Price: $45
Rating: 88

Best Sparkling Rosés Under $100

Priest Ranch Brut Rosé 2018

Priest Ranch Brut Rosé 2018 is one of the best sparkling rosés for 2023.

This is a cool American Sparkler. The winery is named after James Joshua Priest, a Gold Rush prospector who owned the estate in the late 19th century. In 2004 it was purchased and expanded and Priest Ranch began. Made with 100% percent Syrah, this wine goes against the norms of what the U.S. is used to in this style — and it works all day. The nose is deep with strawberry jam and candied watermelon. It has a fruit-forward palate with that depth continuing on the mouthfeel. This wine is a pleasure to sip and a great example of how the U.S. continues to innovate in the wine space.

Average Price: $61
Rating: 89

Gloria Ferrer Brut Rosé 2019

Gloria Ferrer Brut Rosé 2019 is one of the best sparkling rosés for 2023.

Making a name for themselves in the beginning of the 20th century in the Cava industry of northeastern Spain, the native Barcelona family headed to Northern California in the ‘80s to bring their skills to the New World. They landed in the cool breeze of the Carneros District before it became an AVA, and made the first sparkling wine in the area. Since then, they have benefitted from the cooling influence of the San Pablo Bay and years of experience and skill. This wine shows all of it. Creamy and effervescent with some fun notes of cranberry and the concentration of strawberry jam come at you on the nose. The fruit on the palate is coating, but the soft, persistent bubbles keep everything refreshing.

Average Price: $62
Rating: 92

Moët & Chandon Imperial Brut Rosé

Moët & Chandon Imperial Brut Rosé is one of the best sparkling rosés for 2023.

Welcome to the largest Champagne house. Moët & Chandon is a family business that has interacted with royalty and heads of state. The limestone cellars were roamed by Napoleon himself. The house can also claim to be the first to have its bottle sprayed over onlookers at the Le Mans race in 1967. With a résumé like this, they must be doing something right. The house maintains an elegant style across its lineup and this rosé is no exception. This wine is all about the texture. You are greeted on the nose with subtle fruit-forward aromas that are tinged with minerality. The palate is elegant with soft delicate fruit and sexy perlage. This house makes some of the most lithe, balanced wine in all of Champagne and this rosé is just scratching the surface.

Average Price: $67
Rating: 89

Champagne Palmer Rosé Solera NV

Champagne Palmer Rosé Solera NV is one of the best sparkling rosés for 2023.

In 1947, a group of seven growers in Grand Cru and Premier Cru holdings decided to come together and create a Champagne house. Over 70 years later their journey of “harmony, balance, and the pursuit of excellence” is still going strong. But this Champagne has a plot twist. A percentage of the Pinot Noir used in this blend is drawn from a solera system, a technique most widely recognized for being used in sherry production in southern Spain. The result is a wine with exceptional depth and character. The nose is intense, with notes of pastry dough and the brambly aroma of wild strawberries. The palate is welcoming with dense fruit, and the fine bubbles do the work of keeping the wine refreshing and lifted.

Average Price: $90
Rating: 93

Best Sparkling Rosés Over $100

Champagne Billecart-Salmon Brut Rosé NV

Champagne Billecart-Salmon Brut Rosé NV is one of the best sparkling rosés for 2023.

Champagne Billecart-Salmon was founded in 1818, when Nicolas François Billecart and Elisabeth Salmon were married, marking the creation of their Champagne house. The estate is still in the family, and over seven generations Billecart-Salmon has continued to strive for quality and excellence while honoring tradition. Since hopping onto the rosé train in the ’70s, Billecart has perfected this lovable, bubbly pink wine. It hits all the right places on the palate. The aromas on the nose are in harmony with pastry dough, brioche, and deep, ripe strawberries. The palate presents soft bubbles showcasing a pillowy, creamy palate. The finish has a slight dryness that readies you for the next sip.

Average Price: $100
Rating: 94

Champagne Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé NV

Champagne Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé NV is one of the best sparkling rosés for 2023.

While the house of Laurent-Pierrier was founded in 1812, it was in 1968 that the estate started using the technique of maceration to make its stunning and iconic rosé. The beautifully dark-hued Cuvée Rosé aims to showcase the richest and most nuanced expression of Pinot Noir. This Champagne smells like strawberry jam on a doughy croissant. Fruity is the word here, though. It has good, balanced bubbles with a mouthwatering palate. It’s a great bottle to gift — but make sure you get a sip.

Average Price: $100
Rating: 94

Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame Rosé 2012

Veuve Cliquot La Grande Dame Rosé 2012 is one of the best sparkling rosés for 2023.

This is a wine worthy of the La Grande Dame herself. While all the wines under this legendary Champagne house are unique, this line is named after the boss. It is a tribute to her pioneering vision and the many ways she contributed to the innovations used today in Champagne. Vintage Champagne is a special moment in time when the region, which generally has some pretty unpredictable weather, makes the decision that the harvest that year is outstanding enough to dedicate the grapes to one high-quality wine. The wine then carefully sits and evolves over years, maturing and developing. Age looks good on this 2012 rosé Champagne. It maintains a great depth of fruit, with a savory note flitting about the rich raspberry jam and hints of cream. That depth is undeniable on the palate as the wine shows just the right amount of weight while persistent bubbles rise up, adding refreshment. Madame Clicquot would approve.

Average Price: $320
Rating: 94

Dom Ruinart Rosé 2009

Dom Ruinart Rosé 2009 is one of the best sparkling rosés for 2023.

Benedictine monk Dom Thierry Ruinart left his abbey in Reims in the 17th century at the age of 23 and experienced a more worldly life. He came across a new style of wine with bubbles from his hometown (what would soon become the Champagne region). This led him back home to Reims where his nephew Nicolas Ruinart started the first Champagne company in the early 18th century. For over two centuries, the house has been making wine and is now one of the most recognizable brands on our market. The precision and patience that Maison Ruinart’s cellar master, Frédéric Panaïotis, and his team apply to these wines comes through in this rosé. The wine is extremely crisp and focused on the nose, but creamy, almost fleshy, brioche calms and softens the mouthfeel. All the while aromas of raspberries flecked with vanilla bean touch every corner of the palate. Just a beautiful wine.

Average Price: $380
Rating: 93

Krug Rosé 27th Edition

Krug Rosé 27th Edition is one of the best sparkling rosés for 2023.

Joseph Krug came to a realization in the mid-19th century as he was establishing his house in Champagne. It was that every bottle of wine should have the same attention to detail and approach to quality no matter the weather fluctuations, something very real and present in the region. This idea became a reality with the creation of Krug’s Grand Cuvée, a unique bottling crafted once a year and aged for about seven years. This is the 27th Edition of Krug’s specialty rosé Champagne, and the expression and texture of this wine are truly outstanding. The nose is shy at first, but tart berry notes emerge with some unique hints of cranberry and the most artisanal sea salt you can find. The palate has a comfortable depth with an almost umami vibe that really sinks into your senses. The classic hint of brioche is there but as a supporting player. It’s as if the wine is a jazz trio where everyone gets a solo. Impeccably balanced.

Average Price: $399
Rating: 96


What is Sparkling Rosé?

Sparkling rosé is a sparkling wine that is either made entirely with red wine grapes or a blend of red and white wine grapes.

Is Sparkling Rosé Sweet?

Sparkling rosé can range from bone dry to extremely sweet, depending on how it is made.

Is Pink Champagne the Same as Sparkling Rosé?

Though all pink Champagne is considered sparkling rosé, not all sparkling rosé is pink Champagne. While the general category of sparkling rosé encompasses wines made all around the world from all types of grapes, rosé Champagne is made only in the Champagne region of France, from the Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, and Chardonnay grapes.

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