If you’re obsessed with sipping silky Espresso Martinis, you’re in good company. The buzzy cocktail was just identified as one of the top 10 drinks in America, joining the likes of classics like the Moscow Mule and Martini.

While Margaritas still dominate on-premise sales by value velocity, the Espresso Martini is steadily rising in popularity, according to a recent report from CGA by NeilsenIQ. The company, which provides insights into on-premise sales, states that the viral drink rose five places in its Cocktail Sales Tracker to enter the Top 10 Cocktails list for the United States.

The Espresso Martini seems to be following the same trajectory as the Piña Colada earlier this year, as CGA reported its soar in popularity through the warmer months.

“The latest tracker highlights the changing dynamics of the cocktail market and how consumer preferences influence their drinks choice, especially across periods of seasonality,” CGA’s North America regional director Matthew Crompton states in the report. “The Piña Colada is the biggest mover between quarters this year, from 17th in Q1 to 9th in Q2, representing the most valuable cocktail in the warmer months. Cocktails which are well paired with occasions and preferred serves complementing changes in the weather will help build a winning cocktail strategy in the on-premise [sector].”

In addition to marking the cultural impact of this coffee-spiked cocktail, the report also delves into recent economic swings. The average price of a cocktail has increased by $1, now standing at $12 per drink. The average check value also rose by $2.83, according to bar and restaurant data gathered by CGA.

As for daily sales trends, CGA reports that the Mojito, Mimosa, and Bellini stand consistently strong during the weekend daytime hours. The Moscow Mule and classic Martini are also popular orders through the middle to end of the workweek, before rising in popularity on Fridays and dropping during the weekend.

Bottom line? While trends come and go — and prices continually increase — the OG brunch cocktails will always stay strong.