Seasonal warm weather has Americans reaching for cooler cocktails over heavier drinks while dining out. One drink, in particular, has seen a particular surge in popularity, according to new data.

In analysis from CGA by NielsenIQ, a provider of on-premise insights, the company’s Cocktail Sales Tracker found that bar and restaurant sales of Piña Coladas skyrocketed 87 percent during the second quarter of this year. The cocktail soared from 17th to 9th place on the sales tracker’s list of the most popular cocktails. The jump was most significant in New York during the month of June.

The Mojito also enjoyed thriving popularity among drinkers, replacing the Old Fashioned in the number four spot during this quarter.

It may not be surprising that Saturdays enjoyed the majority of bar and restaurant sales, but Wednesday and Thursday sales also proved fruitful days for takings this summer. Early evening and nighttime visits were the most popular among cocktail drinkers.

Bars and restaurants also enjoyed an 11-percent increase in sales compared to the start of the year, with each dining location averaging $13,500 in profits from cocktails alone. CGA links this bump in sales to a 14 percent jump in visits to drinking establishments.

The sales tracker tracks trendy cocktails ordered at bars and restaurants, releasing a ranking of the top 30 drinks. The tool also highlights drinks that gained popularity, or, unfortunately, were pushed to the side. The service, provided by a subset of data giant NielsenIQ, aims to provide metrics for alcohol suppliers, distributors, and other trade professionals. A report, available for download on the tracker’s website, also provides CGA’s insight into the data trends.

Refreshing, summery drinks seem to be at the front of guests’ minds when out for a drink during the warmer months. We’ll toast to that!