As we reported two summers ago, Champagne flavored popsicles are a thing in the UK and were all the rage for summertime savoring. But just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, Britain-based company Pops released their newest flavor to the lineup.

Drumroll please…

It’s frosé!
Cool Off This Summer with Frosé Popsicles... If You're Lucky
The company debuted its latest flavor earlier this spring. Made with fresh raspberries and
rosé wine, we can’t imagine a better tasting summer. Bonus points: Each popsicle contains a mere 30 calories, making this 4.3% ABV treat completely guilt free.

The downside? These sought after wine popsicles are STILL only available in London. But as always, we’re continuously looking for an excuse to travel. A wine soaked popsicle excuse sounds like just the ticket.