Let’s be honest: Hosting is difficult. No one wants to admit it, but it’s tricky getting a group of people together and making sure everyone is having a great time, to say nothing of all the cooking and planning that goes into it. And if you don’t prepare ahead of time, you end up busy looking after all your guests and missing out on enjoying yourself.

Still, there’s no pleasure quite like hosting the perfect brunch party, especially when the conversation is humming and the drinks are flowing and the food is steaming. We’ve gathered five tips to help you prepare the perfect, flawless brunch for a stress-free weekend that you will absolutely enjoy!

1. Have the Correct Amount of Prosecco Going Into Brunch

There’s no bigger drag than having to run out to the liquor store mid-brunch because you underestimated the amount of bubbles you’d need for your crowd. For a brunch that lasts two hours, we recommend purchasing one bottle of Prosecco for every two guests. This amount will ensure that your guests leave feeling nice and warm, but can still continue on with the rest of their weekend plans.

2. Chill Bottles in Advance

We recommend chilling your Prosecco bottles in the fridge the night before your brunch to ensure that they’re nice and fresh when your guests arrive. But if you forget, there’s a quick fix for that! The morning of your brunch party, wrap each bottle in a wet paper towel and pop them into the freezer for thirty minutes. And while your wine is chilling, brew a pot of coffee to start the brunch off.

3. Serve Simple Crowd Pleasers for the Meal

Stick with serving your brunch buffet style so everyone can serve themselves and you don’t have to slave away in the kitchen after your guests arrive. Prepare an egg casserole or egg frittata dish and a tray of crispy bacon the night before, and serve them over sternos the day of. Pick up some sliced bagels, cream cheese, jelly, yogurt, and granola for crowd-pleasing favorites. Don’t forget some fresh fruit for an added, seasonal touch! Shy away from making anything on demand so that you can enjoy yourself too.

4. Self-Serve Sparkling Bar

A perfect brunch means everyone’s glasses are full. But this doesn’t have to be something you spend your whole event doing. Instead, set up a DIY sparkling bar where your guests can personalize their cocktails! A DIY sparkling bar will allow your guests to create their own concoctions and experiment with new ingredients while freeing you up to sip and mingle.

5. Upgrade to Brunch Cocktails!

Brunch cocktails are perfect because they can be made ahead of time. Prepping these easy, Riondo Prosecco cocktails in advance is the easiest way to upgrade your brunch. These large batch cocktails are takes on classic favorites that everyone loves. These refreshing cocktails are also super elegant, and will elevate your brunch beverages and give your guests an extra special something to remember.