The Riondo Prosecco Mojito

When hosting brunch, serving cocktails is a great way to step up your game. As much as we love Mimosas, they tend to get a little played out, which is why we’ve come up with a refreshing alternative that we’re calling the Riondo Prosecco Mojito. Everyone loves Prosecco, but making a cocktail out of your favorite bubbly takes your boozy brunch to a whole new level. This cocktail has it all: tangy citrus, refreshing mint, boozy rum, and of course, sparkling Prosecco. While making individual Mojitos can be time consuming, creating batch brunch cocktails in pitchers serves and satisfies groups of any size. Check out this recipe for your next at home brunch!


What You’ll Need:

4 limes (cut into wedges)
½ cup mint leaves
¾ cup simple syrup
2 cups light rum


Cut limes into wedges. In a pitcher, add limes, mint leaves, and simple syrup. Muddle with wooden spoon. Add light rum, then stir and muddle to combine all ingredients together. Add ice to tall glasses and fill halfway with rum mixture. Top with Riondo Prosecco. Garnish with lime wedge and mint leave. Enjoy!