Earlier this week, we published our Paloma feature exploring the origins of the beloved Mexican cocktail and the myriad ways it’s been riffed upon in the United States. From easy batched versions to more technical clarified and carbonated expressions, the Paloma has been referred to as the cocktail of tequila’s future, perhaps replacing the Margarita in terms of popularity. But just how high can the Paloma soar?

There are several signs pointing to the Paloma’s potential success: U.S. drinkers are just starting to come around to more bitter ingredients, which could pave the way for grapefruit, and the drink is seeing an increased presence at brunch. But with many bartenders looking to make high-end expressions of the inherently simplistic drink, will the tension between high and low versions halt the Paloma in its tracks? After all, no one is trying to make the Cuba Libre or the Whiskey Ginger highbrow.

On this episode of the “VinePair Podcast,” Adam, Joanna, and Zach speculate on the future of the Paloma. Can it be another standard bearer for tequila, or does the divergence between the drink’s original formulation with grapefruit soda and more upscale versions with fresh grapefruit juice make it harder to take worldwide? Tune in for more.

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