Over the past few years, it’s become increasingly evident that tequila is having a moment. Whether it be the barrage of celebrity brands, the prevalence of baller tequila bottles, or the enduring appeal of the Margarita, the meteoric rise of agave spirits is undeniable. And we didn’t come to this conclusion just by sussing out the vibes in bars and liquor stores — the numbers clearly back it up.

The American Association of Wine Economists recently shared tequila and mezcal sales data in the U.S. from over the past 20 years, which indicates that the spirits’ total sales have grown by a whopping 272.9 percent since 2003. What’s more, the premiumization trend has skewed the growth toward higher-end bottles. So not only has the total sales volume grown drastically, but tequila and mezcal saw an impressive 529 percent increase in sales value over the past two decades.

The data is further broken down into categories including value, premium, high-end premium, and super premium. The super-premium category includes brands like Patrón, Casamigos, and Don Julio, which are worth over $260 per 9 liters in supplier revenue. This highest-price category saw the most growth over the time period, expanding by 1,522 percent. And the second-highest category, high-end premium, grew by 1,038.6 percent. Compared to the growth of the two lower categories — 116.3 percent for value and 143.6 percent for premium — it’s clear that not only are consumers gravitating toward tequila and mezcal, but they’re drastically more interested in leveling up to higher-tier bottles.

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While we could go on about the numbers, we find this sort of information is best absorbed by the eyes. Check out our infographic here that details the spectacular rise of tequila and mezcal.
The Meteoric Rise of Tequila and Mezcal, Visualized
*Image retrieved from Meritt Thomas – Unsplash.com