Americans can’t get enough of tequila lately, so it’s no surprise that bar-goers are leaning in when it comes to cocktails.

The Margarita is currently the most-ordered cocktail in the United States, according to a June 7 report by CGA by Nielsen IQ. The citrusy libation has remained the most popular on-premise order for the last several quarters, according to previous reports.

CGA’s quarterly Cocktail Sales Tracker records on-premise data at more than 10,000 establishments across the United States. Each report is informed by the company’s industry-focused data service BeverageTrak, which collects information from establishments’ POS systems.

While the Martini captured the No. 2 spot last year, it’s since been overtaken by the Moscow Mule. It’s not shocking that the two vodka-adjacent drinks claimed the list’s silver and bronze positions — both are classic options, and the Martini has enjoyed a recent resurgence with sweet, spicy, and breakfast-themed interpretations crowding menus.

Out of the top 30 cocktails tracked by CGA, Spritzes recorded the highest jump in ranking. In the first quarter, they rose four places to the 11th most popular cocktail with a 36 percent increase in orders. Espresso Martini orders also surged, rising in popularity by 11 percent to surpass the Long Island Iced Tea.

Recent on-premise data also indicates an uptick in U.S. bar visits. During the first quarter of 2023, average establishment earnings increased by three percent over the last quarter of 2022. CGA notes an increase in both on-premise traffic — up by four percent — and average check value, which rose by 50 cents.

“Our latest tracker results demonstrate the consistently changing dynamics of the cocktail category, as well as the influence of changing consumer preferences and drinks choice has on velocity performance,” CGA client solutions director Andrew Hummel says in the report. “Understanding the motivations and behaviors of these cocktail consumers is vital to ensure a winning strategy throughout the rest of the year.”

Sounds like a good excuse to order a round of Spicy Margs.

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