Uncork Your Chakras With These Yoga Wine Pairings

yoga wine

Yoga and wine — it’s a trend we can all get behind. As vineyards are becoming one with their chakras and conducting yoga classes followed by wine tastings, it’s important to go into these classes with some pairings in mind.

Let’s unite our wines, bodies, and spirits together.

Mountain Pose – Merlot


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What’s yoga without morphing yourself into a mountain of good vibes to forget about how annoying your best friend’s boyfriend is? Mountain pose is a true classic and requires a timeless Merlot to accompany it.

Warrior I – Pinot Grigio


You’re bright. You’re vibrant. You’re saucy AF as you reach for the heavens ready to embark on an adventure in those Lululemon yoga pants you totally paid retail for. Pour out a Pinot Grigio to lead you down the path of glory toward the front row.

Warrior II – Cabernet Sauvignon


Warrior I was great and all, but now it’s time to get serious. Sharon is ~this~ close to showing you up in this week’s class but that’s never going to happen because you’re a warrior, dammit, and this heavier Cabernet is going to allow you to kick Sharon’s stuck-up ass. All’s fair in love and yoga.

Warrior III – Syrah


After Warrior I and Warrior II, you’ve been through some shit. But all that hard work and determination and sweating have lead you up to this moment of greatness — Warrior III. It’s time to show Fabian who’s the boss and totally nail this pose. You’re going to definitely feel a buzz going into this one (what could go wrong?), so a potent Syrah is going to be your best friend.

Reverse Warrior – Zinfandel


It’s time to retreat into a realm of deep stretching ,and when engaging in Reverse Warrior you better believe you’re going to feel the burn. However, you totally killed it in the other warrior poses so you’ve earned a velvety Zinfandel to finish off this combination. Treat yo’ self.

Upward Facing Dog – Chenin Blanc


When embarking on upward facing dog, you must reach for the sun and soak in its glorious rays. Forget all of your color-coded to-do lists and the mound of snow waiting for you outside of the yoga studio. Instead, sip on a chilled Chenin Blanc, as it will connect you with the tropics on a spiritual level unlike before. Aim high.

Downward Facing Dog – Malbec


There is no better time to think than when hunched over in the middle of a yoga studio during downward facing dog. When else are you going to reflect on the designer jacket you probably shouldn’t have purchased and the Tinder dates you most definitely should have skipped? Look up for a moment and sip on the earthy, spicy flavors of a Malbec to keep you grounded in these moments of regret.

Tree Pose – Sauvignon Blanc


When becoming one with your center in tree pose, you truly become one with Earth. A light Sauvignon Blanc will open your mind to lush, grassy meadows and a world where every day is dedicated to eating fine cheese.

Half Moon – Pinot Noir


When it all goes to shit at work and nothing else can save you, just throw yourself to the {half} moon and embrace a fragrant Pinot Noir to whisk you on a romantic getaway. After a few glasses, this will probably be your favorite drunk pose.

Crow – Straight Liquor


Those who master the crow pose truly do take the role of the blackbird in the night — lightly hovering over the ground waiting to prey on the weaker souls in the yoga class. You’re going to need a drink as strong as your core so skip the vino and just head straight to the liquor cabinet for some vodka, gin, or maybe even tequila.

Corpse – Chardonnay


Class is finally coming to a close and it’s time for the corpse pose. Sure, this one is supposed to be all about cooling down your body and finding inner peace but in reality you just can’t get off the floor due to exhaustion. Enjoy a chilled Chardonnay as you lie down on the floor contemplating your life choices and brainstorming how many cookies you’re going to eat in the next 20 minutes.