At this point the Olympics are in full swing and as we all crowd around our televisions and computer screens, it’s become apparent that something is missing in our Olympic consumption – wine. Or should I say we need a gold medal ready glass of wine. Whether you’re catching up on some DVR recordings or watching it happen live, we’ve matched up the best wine with each Olympic event.

Archery & Shooting – Zinfandel


When it comes to shooting and archery, it’s hard not to get a mountain lodge vibe. Uncork a luxurious Zinfandel as the athletes shoot for the bulls eye.

Badminton & Golf – Chardonnay


Let’s face it, golf and badminton are great lifetime sports that get lost to country clubs and to cookouts in your backyard. Take these events as the opportunity to engage in your mother’s favorite lifetime sport – enjoying a nice, chilled Chardonnay.

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Basketball – Merlot


Basketball is the one of the truly timeless Olympic events, not to mention, the United States is really good at it. Only a classic Merlot is ready to go for the gold.

Beach Volleyball & Volleyball – Rosé

The volleyball events are just like a Rosé, tart, a little sharp, and supremely exciting. Trust me, diving into your kitchen for a bottle is definitely worth it.

Boxing – Gamay

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Muhammad Ali had it right when he said “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” A Gamay is just light on its feet but it can also pack a punch, it’s a knockout pairing.

Canoe Kayak & Rowing – Grenache


These two events require a lot of strength and perfect timing in your strokes, so it would only be fitting to match up a full-bodied Grenache who’s bright fruit flavors give us something to paddle for.

Cycling – White Burgundy


Welcome to the Tour de France part deux. Instead of the yellow jersey, these cyclists are fighting for the gold medal. Lucky for you, White Burgundy is liquid gold that’s only a corkscrew away – and you don’t have to sit on a bike for miles to earn it.

Diving – Sauternes 

Diego Barbieri /

My personal favorite event to spectate, diving is the ultimate sport that challenges both the mind and body. Only the highest caliber of athletes are cut out for it. Live life from the highest platform with this remarkable dessert wine.

Equestrian – Gewürztraminer


These athletes go further than Barbie’s Horse Adventures ever did when you were growing up. There’s only one thing more regal than these majestic horses, and that’s a bottle of Gewürztraminer.

Fencing – Bordeaux

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Fencing is all about respect for your opponent and the one wine that truly deserves the respect these athletes have for each other is the classic Bordeaux.

Field Hockey – Cabernet Franc


There’s nothing like making your rival eat dirt in field hockey. Thankfully Cabernet Franc has the earthy and peppery notes to complement the sport perfectly.

Gymnastics & Trampoline – Prosecco


You can’t watch this event without giving a few props to the athletes bouncing around left and right on the mats and trampolines. Prosecco is the only wine who’s bubbles have enough energy to keep up with Gabby Douglas.

Handball – Red Blend

Ivica Drusany /

A blend of your favorite (or not so favorite) sports from high school gym class, this intense game needs a balanced red blend to keep you going.

Judo & Taekwondo – Petite Sirah


If tannins decide your Taekwondo belt, Petite Sirah is a second degree black belt ready to knock you out. Thank you sensei.

Rugby – Shiraz


What do Rugby and Shiraz have in common? They’re both bold, red, and hail from down under. Cheers, mate.

Sailing – Sparkling Rosé


The dream of the Hamptons is still alive in the Olympics. While this sailing is a lot more…athletic than the activity we embark on after brunch, the rosé concept stays strong. Add some bubbles to your pink routine to hype up the energy like the sailors do.

Soccer – Chianti


The world’s favorite sport is a perfect match for one of the world’s most classic wines. Chianti has the deliciously rustic notes to keep you cheering for your team all night long.

Swimming – Pinot Grigio


As a former swimmer, I can attest to how exhilarating (and horrifying) it can be to dive into a freezing cold pool. The slight shock is kind of like your first sip of chilled, lemony Pinot Grigio.

Synchronized Swimming – Pinot Noir


It’s absolutely hypnotizing to watch the synchronized swimmers compete with their graceful movements combined with the overall serenity of the water. When you curl up to stream it on your laptop, pour a Pinot Noir to fully set the mood and get you in the zone.

Table Tennis – Cabernet Sauvignon 

Stefan Holm /

It may not sound like much, but Olympic table tennis is a seriously LIT event. There is so much intensity that it makes us question how we all look so dumb playing it after a few beers in our basements. Cabernet Sauvignon’s intense tannins and savory flavors are a surefire way for pairing gold.

Tennis – Sauvignon Blanc


Unlike its smaller, tabletop counterpart, tennis needs a lighter wine to combat all that running across the court (just thinking about it makes me lose my breath). The Sauvignon Blanc is so crisp and so refreshing that it will cool you off on the couch in no time.

Track & Field – Chenin Blanc


This event is a real crowd pleaser and thus we’ve matched it with such a wine. Chenin Blanc’s melon and banana flavors are so deliciously refreshing that even Usain Bolt will rush to the finish line for a glass.

Triathlon & Pentathlon – Box of anything


All these events, so little time. The Pentathlon is all about stamina, so we’re taking that as inspiration and challenging ourselves as well. The 3000 mL box of vino. Good thing we’ve been training for weeks/months/years.

Water Polo – Vinho Verde

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The swimming event that isn’t a first choice for many but is still one of the major Olympic highlights. It’s a sport that keeps you on the edge of your seat – and don’t even get us started on those swimsuits. Vinho Verde can sometimes be forgotten, but once we take a sip, its floral aromas and gentle fizz keep us coming back for more. Just like those swimsuits.

Weightlifting – Rioja

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Strong wine, meet heavy lifters. Cherry-filled Rioja is a match made in heaven for your Olympic weightlifting binge. Join in on the fun and power lift the bottle.

Wrestling – Malbec

Diego Barbieri /

At first glance, these wrestlers can seem a bit hot headed, but we can’t blame them for being pumped up to take home the gold. We’ll just sip this spicy Malbec to follow suit and go for the take down.

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