Whether relaxing on a boat, sitting by the beach, or simply sipping in your backyard, summer weekends were made for day drinking. There’s nothing better than sitting beneath the sun among friends and throwing back a glass of something cold. It goes without saying that summer day drinks need to be refreshing in order to beat the heat — which is why we’re obsessed with one of the most iconic drinks in bar history, the Gin & Tonic.

Not only is the G&T a staple, it’s also perfect for summer, and not just because of it’s thirst-quenching capabilities. Here are five reasons why the Gin & Tonic is the perfect summer beverage:

It’s Easy to Make

Know why the Gin & Tonic is one of the simplest drinks to make of all time? Because it’s totally subjective! Throw anywhere from 1 to 3 parts gin into the mix and top with tonic as you see fit. Our advice: Go heavy for your first, then lighten up as the day goes on.

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It’s Got Health Benefits

Gin’s flavor profile comes from juniper berries, which actually pack a lot of health benefits. For instance, the berry has been known to ease joint pain, have a naturally low sugar content, and keep bloating at bay — perfect for those summer days on the beach.

It’s Affordable

Making Gin & Tonics at home is actually pretty affordable. Decent bottles of gin generally won’t run you more than $25 to $30, and liters of tonic generally go for a dollar or less. Countless drinks that don’t break the bank? Sold.

It’s Portable

Thanks to its simple two-ingredient recipe, crafting this cocktail won’t take up too much room in your cooler (more room for snacks, right?). Even better, G&Ts make for a great flask cocktail option. Check out our favorite flask here!

You Can Make It Your Own

It’s true — making your own gin has never been easier. Grab one of these at-home gin kits, make your own signature spirit, and make custom Gin & Tonics for your next at-home happy hour. Your friends will definitely be impressed.