While we can’t say we have lots of experience with leftover Champagne, the phenomenon certainly isn’t unheard of, especially this time of year. You are having some friends over for a holiday party, festive dinner, New Year’s Eve fete, and providing plenty of lovely wine, but later find yourself with half a bottle of sparkling wine rapidly de-bubbling in the fridge. What to do?

Relax. These eight resourceful recipes are the thinking drinker’s guide to resourcefulness. Waste not, want not, drink more Champagne?

If a classic Mimosa or Bellini doesn’t strike your fancy, try the moodier Death in the Afternoon, a Hemingway original, and the cocktail equivalent of jumping headfirst into a brisk swimming pool.

If you’re planning on entertaining in the near future, grab some ice cube trays and make Champagne ice cubes, a festive addition to a punch bowl or breakfast cocktail.

Want to put that Champagne to good, boozy use, but don’t have a clear endgame in mind? Try making this simple syrup. Just swap out the rosé for Champagne, and you’re good to go. It’s a tasty touch for something like a Gin & Tonic, and also a nice gift for your mixology-loving friends.

If you’re feelin’ fancy, why not make some rose Champagne macarons? Bonus: The recipe only calls for a half-cup of Champagne.

If you’re feelin’ fancy but also lazy, try your hand at homemade Champagne vinegar (summary: let leftover Champagne sit covered on your counter for a few weeks. Done!).

On the more savory side, make yourself the aptly named leftover Champagne mussels or Champagne risotto. Or, there’s always the delightfully high-low Champagne can chicken.

Better still, invite us to the party next time. We’ll ensure there is zero leftover Champagne to be had.