Magical thinkers, this June’s for you. The blazing summer sun is illuminating new paths, and those who march forward will ultimately be rewarded. Dare to dream big. Step into the light and embrace VinePair’s June 2018 drink horoscope. Here is everything you need to drink this month for maximum celestial rewards.

Aries: Swiss Chasselas Wines

Aries Swiss Wines

Beware of stagnation, Aries! Reverse planetary motion has the potential to keep you chained down (and not in a sexy way). Shake off the dust and gaze skyward; Venus in direct motion and the constellation Boötes (The Herdsman) both serve to inspire momentum when you may need it most. In true pastoral fashion, a splash of delicate Chasselas — a trending Swiss grape — can be the spark you need to stay lit this month. Release yourself from inhibitions and embrace the new!

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Taurus: Japanese Whisky

Japanese Whisky for Taurus

Dear Taurus: Your stubborn temperament is about to be rattled with revelations scattered throughout June. Some positive, some negative, but all with the potential to shake up your routine. The 27th will be an auspicious time for big decisions; Saturn at Opposition will allow you to pause and evaluate the forks in your road. Stay grounded with some Tiger’s Eye crystal and a tumbler of Japanese whisky. Both can provide the pause you need to determine your destiny.

Gemini: NEIPA

Geminis should drink New England IPAs.

It’s time to keep your friends close and family closer, breezy Geminis. Although the Killing Moon may come too soon, the New Moon in Gemini comes right on time on the 13th. This marks a turning point that falls completely within your control, should you choose to be the master of your fate. Refuse to let outside influences affect your relationships. To remain clearsighted about your future, it’s time to get hazy. Pour a cloudy India Pale Ale and absorb the murky brew’s components to stay truly transparent.

Cancer: Mai Tai

Cancer should drink Mai Tai cocktails

Happy birthday month to you early Cancers out there! It’s an incredible month to feel festive, and there’s a ton going on. Mercury enters Cancer on the 12th, while the Summer Solstice kicks off on the 21st. This frenetic interstellar activity means you might be experiencing some push-and-pull, but don’t fear. It’s merely the universe’s way of telling you that you’re a hot ticket in June. Seize the day and allow yourself to go a little wild. A celebratory Mai Tai is the perfect way to assume the mantle of official cosmic party-maker.

Leo: Organic Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc is for Leos in June.

June is about to go off, Leo!! Nearly every week is marked with planetary activity, and Mercury in nonstop direct motion means your fiery temperament is likely to be stoked into conflagration. Make sure you don’t lose control by keeping tabs on your chi. If that sounds really ethereal, it kind of is. But I have faith in you, Leo. Relax with a bottle of organic Sauvignon Blanc in an outdoor setting. This chill vibe will keep you cool when you need a break from the hubbub.

Virgo: Dark ‘n’ Stormy

Virgos might enjoy Dark and Stormys in June

Danger, Virgos, danger! June is poised to be a tempestuous time for you if you don’t take steps to curb controversy. It may be a good time to lay low with a chunk of aquamarine (for its calming properties) and a good book. Over-committing to your social life can spell disaster right now, so practice self-love and enjoy a few weeks of solitude. Of course, nature loves irony as much as Alanis Morissette, so mix up a Dark ‘n’ Stormy cocktail to stave off that vibe while you can.

Libra: Trappist Beer

Libras should drink Trappist beer in June.

The June Solstice means new beginnings, and no one will feel that more profoundly than you, bewitching Libras. Take your eyes to the skies to immerse yourself in the light of your namesake constellation this month. Allow the galaxies to shine down on all of your endeavors in the coming weeks, and transform their supportive energy into great things. Don’t be afraid of dramatic shifts in your previously hard-held beliefs; in fact, downing a draft of #blessed Trappist beer may reveal truths you didn’t know existed.

Scorpio: Beaujolais

Beaujolais is a great beverage for Scorpios.

Things are tranquilly humming along for you, Scorpio, but don’t get too cozy. The summer is heating up, and with it comes the possibility of unexpected deviations in your routine. This doesn’t have to spell calamity; in fact, it can be the change you’ve been waiting for! Keep your eyes open for distractions and throw them to the wayside in order to focus on forward momentum. A zippy Beaujolais can be the perfect antidote to interfering elements. Savor a glass (or two) when you feel the need for clear thinking.

Sagittarius: Coconut beer

Coconut beer for Sagittarius in June

Neptune is clocking in extra for you this June, Sagittarius. Mercury and Jupiter complete this triangular powerhouse, which stands to unleash a floodgate of creative energy. Drink it in! You know what else you should drink in? A tropical coconut beer. Its summery personality perfectly complements your innovative potential. If you can summon the drive to match Neptune’s powerful pull, incredible things may be in store.

Capricorn: Michelada

Micheladas are for Capricorns in June.

Do you feel the urge to howl at the moon, cryptic Capricorns? It’s time to take the night, especially on the 28th’s full moon. June signals a time of transition for you, but your extraordinary visualization abilities mean you’re able to see the path ahead clearly. Don’t shy away from cosmic discrepancies — shaking up your preconceptions can lead you to revelatory new discoveries. Try replacing common elements with alternatives, like a spicy Michelada in lieu of a Bloody Mary. #Remix!

Aquarius: Ice wine

Aquarius should try ice wine this month.

There’s no shame in your game this summer, you adorable Aquarians. Your personal and professional lives are lining up beautifully and you’re reaping the rewards of the first half of the year. Don’t get lazy now, though! Stay sharp (and sweet) with an infusion of ice wine. Never heard of it? It’s a dessert wine — and the perfect way to keep cooly crushing every obstacle that pops up.

Pisces: Oaxacan rum

Oaxacan rum is for Pisces in June.

Summertime spells success for you, ambitious Pisces. Take advantage of the new moon mid-month to craft a fresh direction in your life. Expect resistance from planetary retrograde (sorry!), but overcoming this block can be a breeze if you stay chill. And what better way to keep things carefree than with the flavor of vacation: Oaxacan rum? Its ambrosial dregs will leave you feeling as smooth as Sinatra.