How to Make the Rosé Aperol Spritz, the Drink of the Summer

It’s high time that America’s favorite summer drink — rosé — gets acquainted with Italy’s favorite summer (and anytime) drink — the Aperol Spritz. Introducing the well-balanced, refreshing, low- alcohol, and endlessly crushable sparkling Rosé Aperol Spritz.

The Aperol Spritz has a long history in Italy and the rest of Europe. The easy three-two-one mix of prosecco, Aperol, and soda water with a garnish of orange has been a staple of European day drinking since the 1950s. It’s slowly made its way to the U.S. as a summer sipper.

Rosé has a shorter history (in the U.S., at least. It’s been part of France’s drinking culture for ages). It started in New York City and the Eastern Seaboard, and then spread to the West Coast. By 2015, The U.S. was the second-largest consumer of rosé after France.

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Rosé doesn’t show any signs of slowing down as the drink of the summer — just look at the rosé 40s, rosé drive-throughs, etc. — but year after year of rosé can get tiresome. Nothing against rosé, but variety is the spice of life. So VinePair decided to mix rosé and the Aperol Spritz for the Rosé Aperol Spritz.

How to make the perfect Rosé Aperol Spritz


1 bottle (750 milliliters) of sparkling rosé
1 cup of Aperol
6 teaspoons of simple syrup
Sparkling water
1 grapefruit for garnish


In a pitcher, combine the Aperol and simple syrup. Stir. Add the sparkling rosé. Pour into a wine glass filled with ice and a thin grapefruit wedge. Top with sparkling water.