It seems like the world hits peak rosé every time the craze for pink wine reaches a new level — White Girl Rosé, brosé, rosé 40s, etc., etc. Well, time to tack on another to the list. The Hamptons are getting an official Rosé Drive Thru.

In what may be the most stereotypical Hamptons move ever, Wölffer Estate is opening a rosé quick stop just in time for summer, a.k.a. summer water season, a.k.a. #roséallday season. Stocking up on all of the pink drink you need before hitting the beach or the pool in the Hamptons has never been so ridiculously easy.

The drive through is not, of course, some tacky fast food looking joint. It’s a pink curtained, wooden wagon stacked with cases of rosé. It’s open at the Sagaponack, Long Island wine stand on Fridays and Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. It sells rosé by the case, by the glass, and by the bottle.

“The rosé drive-thru had been a dream of mine for awhile and we are so glad it’s come to fruition,” Joey Wölffer, co-owner of the winery, told Business Insider. “We are all about serving our community and this is just another example of that!”

It’s not hard to find rosé on Long Island, but this makes everything so much easier. No one’s complaining, and if you listen hard enough, you might just hear the envious screams of rosé addicts across the world — like the 100 year old who swears by the stuff.

h/t: Business Insider