Whether 2018 has been turbulent or tranquil for you, 2019 is just around the corner. That spells o-p-p-o-r-t-u-n-i-t-y for a fresh start, and cosmic forces are aligning for you to craft your own destiny.

Whatever lies ahead, a little liquid courage can help you take the first step. Here is VinePair’s December 2018 drinks horoscope.

Aries: Gløgg

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Gløgg means “glowing ember” in Old Norse, and this ancient moniker can be just as easily applied to you this month, passionate Aries. Your focus is solidly on the future, and you’re burning to get a head start on 2019. It’s time to put hesitations aside — whatever you’ve been “mulling” over, now is the moment to go for it! A carafe of warm and richly spiced red wine is sure to give you the confidence you’ll need to go from ambition to action.

Taurus: Cava

Your earthly sensibilities have made you especially susceptible to this year’s drama, sweet Taureans. But you haven’t lost your luster — you just need a little nudge to let it show. What better time to embrace your sparkle than during the Geminids meteor shower mid-month? This fantastic cosmic display is actually debris from an asteroid; use this inspiration to transform negativity in your own life into something positive in the coming year. Grab a flute of sparkling Spanish wine and muse over the infinite possibilities.

Gemini: Gin & IPA

Divisiveness has been the mood du jour for… well, seems like all of 2018. But unity is possible (well, maybe not politically). Do your part to bring opposing sides together by mixing two individually wonderful things into one: a beer cocktail. As the one sign uniquely situated to make two become one, a revitalizing mix of your favorite gin and a freshly brewed IPA is a great way to harness unifying energy.

Cancer: Smoky Mezcal

The new moon on Dec. 7 is an auspicious time for a personal revelation, dear Cancers. What is generally hidden will be revealed, illuminating myriad possibilities in the coming months. This may prove to be especially true in your professional life, but don’t abandon your personal connections completely (especially during Mercury Retrograde, which may take a toll on your relationships). A mysterious, smoky mezcal can help brush out the old and usher in the new during a potentially tumultuous time.

Leo: California Riesling

Do you find yourself unable to move past the baggage of this year? Leos may be particularly burdened by the trials of 2018, so the final weeks of the year may feel more transitional than usual. It’s imperative to utilize family and friends this month, particularly as the new year approaches. Lay a foundation for 2019 by surrounding yourself with loved ones in comfortable, welcoming spaces. A bottle (or two) of California Riesling can help lubricate potential strain and emphasize the value of friendship.

Virgo: Brown Ale

When your ruling planet Mercury reaches Greatest Western Elongation on the 15th, Virgos could benefit from a jolt of energy that can help carry you through the rest of the year. This will be a welcome relief from the lunar eclipse happening a few days before, which may emit some sluggish vibes. Combat stagnation by focusing on creative enterprises; recycling something into a new creation can yield unexpectedly magical results. Keep things in balance with a pint of good old-fashioned brown ale. It’s neither heavy nor hoppy, and you can find inspiration in its middle ground.

Libra: Fruit-Infused Vodka

Although there’s a chill in the air, channeling warm vibes can keep you feeling loose in the coming weeks. It’s time to tap into your mental stockpile of positivity: everything you’ve been storing up this year can be cashed out to carry you into 2019 with a bang! Consider throwing an end-of-year bash with your nearest and dearest, but don’t forget to provide an array of libations to suit every palate. For you, a tropical twist of fruit-infused vodka in your mixer of choice will work nicely.

Scorpio: Spiked Eggnog

Have you achieved all that you set out to do in 2018, sharp-witted Scorpios? Time is running out for you to meet your goals, but don’t let your ambition cloud the upcoming festivities the holiday season has in store. It may feel difficult to balance everything on your plate this month, but you’re up to the task. Don’t forget to reward your efforts with plenty of cheer. A dram of eggnog (spiked, of course), will have you feeling merry and bright in no time.

Sagittarius: Peppermint Martini

There’s nothing #basic about you, savvy Sagittarii! Your boss nature is shining even more brightly than usual this month, and you’re poised to end the year in high style. If you’ve been putting off a big decision, the solstice on the 21st may provide the ideal time for you to take the plunge. Pursue happiness and don’t let anything stand in your way. And if you’re having trouble tapping into the holiday spirit, a peppermint Martini will have you feeling all jingle bell-y in a jiff.

Capricorn: Cabernet Sauvignon

You’ve always been in tune with the moon, practical Capricorns, which means the full moon on the 22nd may affect you more than most. Whether you receive more energy from the dark or light sides of the moon is up to you; the nights will lengthen, but you don’t have to be stuck in the dark. Harness lunar illumination to shed light on your goals for 2019: What do you hope to accomplish in the future? Tap into your earthly insights to glean knowledge and use the terroir of a lush Cabernet Sauvignon to help you determine your next steps.

Aquarius: Eisbock

Lots of people are looking at you, you bright and shiny Aquarians. That type of judgement only fuels your ambition, but it can also take an emotional toll. Throw expectations and convention to the wind in the final weeks of December; find joy in the unexpected and offbeat! One way to jumpstart this “new you” is by imbibing with a seasonally appropriate eisbock (a.k.a. a frozen dopplebock). Its strength will give you the energetic push you need.

Pisces: White Russian

The Ursids Meteor Shower requires patience and determination — two things Pisceans often strive for but don’t always quite achieve. Practice makes perfect, and the peak nights late in December are ideal opportunities to fine-tune the personality traits you aim to improve in the coming year. This attention to detail will serve you well behind the bar, too. A well-mixed White Russian is a beverage of beauty, but a poorly made one can spell disaster. Focus on the little things this month, and you’ll be set up for big-picture success in 2019.