What To Drink While Streaming New Netflix, HBO & Hulu Oct. 24

Halloween is nigh, and as excited as you are to pair your wine with candy and then dress up the empty bottles in their own Halloween costumes, there are plenty of quality movies and TV shows to stream before the month ends.

When October leaves us, so do a lot of shows. All good things must come to an end, unfortunately. So put off perfecting your costume for one more night. Here are the new shows and movies to stream, as well as the ones you need to watch one last time before they leave.


1. “Big Eyes”

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“Big Eyes” tells the story of Margaret Keane, a painter whose husband took credit for, and then subsequently became wealthy and famous from, all of her work. You’ll need a drink watching this one. Drink pairing: A California Chianti to go along with the name-stealing theme.

2. “The Interview” (Leaving)

“The Interviewhad a rough start, what with all the North Korea threats and straight-to-Netflix release. Now it’s leaving the ‘flix, and it’s time for one last screening of the satire that ridicules the foreign dictator we all love to hate. But hey, they just hate us cause they ain’t us. Drink pairing: Margaritas. Cheer up Kim.


1. “A Brilliant Young Mind

This movie follows the story of a boy named Nathan who finds friendship on the UK’s International Mathematics Olympiad team. Heartwarming and inspiring. Drink pairing: English sparkling wine and popcorn.

2. “An Inconvenient Truth (Leaving)

Science doesn’t lie. Internet inventor Al Gore saw this coming way before all the rest of us. Watch “An Inconvenient Truth” one last time before the world burns up and the oceans flood all of our coastlines. Drink pairing: Jack Daniel’s straight from Gore’s home state of Tennessee, or your favorite apocalypse drink you would choose as your last drink ever.

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1. “LEGO Scooby-Doo

Let nostalgia wash over your brain while you sink into the couch. And don’t write this off just because it’s a LEGO movie — remember all the feels the LEGO movie gave you? Drink pairing: Not Your Father’s Root Beer. Let the nostalgia never end.


1. “Poltergeist

You might need one last scary movie before October ends. Why not make it a classic? Sure, you’ll never want to buy a cookie-cutter house again, but ’tis the season for spooks. Drink pairing: Corpse Reviver #2.

2. “Friday Night Lights” (Leaving)

It’s hard to beat “Friday Night Lights.” Get one last high school football fix in and relive the glory days. Drink pairing: Miller Lite.

3. “Juno (Leaving)

It’s impossible to not like “Juno.” Yeah, the music is offbeat, the relationships are awkward and the topic is stressful. But you won’t forget it. Drink pairing: Sunny D Mimosas.


“Stranger Things”

You need to see this ASAP if you haven’t already. Barb is so sad you don’t understand any of the Barb references. Drink pairing: Shlitz.